By Pat Kessler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — President Obama called the latest allegations of a “quid pro quo” in the Hillary Clinton email investigation “overblown.”

Another batch of documents released by the FBI appears to show strong disagreement between the State Department and the FBI over whether some emails should be classified. President Obama says there was no discussion of a trade-off if the Benghazi emails were minimized.

“You can question them again, but based on what we have seen, heard, learned, some of the more sensational implications, or appearances as you stated them, aren’t based on actual events and based on what actually happened,” Obama said Tuesday.

The documents show one State Department official pressuring the FBI to declassify the emails in return for the State Department posting more FBI agents to Iraq.

The allegation is that the State Department pressured the FBI to change a number of Benghazi emails from classified to unclassified. That would allow Secretary Clinton to say she did not have classified emails on her private server.

Republicans are seizing on these latest emails to show Sec. Clinton tried to “cover up” wrongdoing, but the State Department and the FBI both say there was no deal. The FBI never did declassify the document, and the State Department did not approve more agents in Iraq.

But it’s move evidence of the intense behind-the-scenes battle over the emails which have dogged Sec. Clinton for the entire campaign. The newly released emails different from the Wikieaks campaign emails — the new revelations come from a recent batch from the State Department.

  1. Wow Pat I am surprised that you wrote something negative about Hillary!

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