By Amanda Wicks

Bruno Mars is among the list of pop stars set to perform at the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards on February 12th, but is he also going to be involved in the show’s big Prince tribute?

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Sources close to the awards ceremony told Billboard that Mars is in talks to pay homage to Prince through a live music medley that would involve his close associates The Time. Since Mars’ involvement has not yet been confirmed, it’s unclear whether he would perform one or two of his own big singles from 2016 along with an array of Prince’s biggest numbers, or if his performance at the GRAMMYs would focus exclusively on Prince.

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  1. Bruno Mars should help pay homage to Prince on Grammys night. The best people to help Bruno is the ones who knew Prince the most. Andre Simone, Morris Day and the Times and Sheila. There are many more that have performed with Prince in his lifetime. But it should be those who has collaborated with him over the years. In my opinion. Bruno Mars need to stay clear of Mayte Garica. She was one of Prince’s backup dancers many years ago in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s. There marriage did not last. Because it was null and voided. Aka an annulment took place either in the late 1996 or early 1997. An annulment means that the two parties came to a conclusion that they married the wrong person and what a need start over in life with actually having a divorce under there belt. So, Prince choose an annulment that Mayte Garcia could not be trusted and she was not the right woman for him. After, the day of Prince’s death. Ms. Garcia took it upon herself to defame Prince’s name by telling a magazine journalist that she felt Prince was either frustrated or upset that he could not have children on his own. This was a personal matter with Prince and should not have been by a woman that never was married to Prince at all. If some of do not believe what I am saying about Mayte Garcia look the article on April 22, 2016 and you’ll read what said about a great artist that had a genre all of his own. Prince was one of a kind and it takes someone or someone’s that knows him best and Mayte Garcia does not know him and she would interfere in a tribute that is meant for a legend and not about someone who can not dance. But trying to make a come back off of a man like Prince who sought an annulment to get a way from a woman who just used him to gain on top.

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