As nearly every foodie knows, the localvore movement is here to stay.

What started as a trend has now grown to be the norm in almost every restaurant.

In addition to demanding to know where their food is from, more and more diners are demanding it be locally sourced.

On Sunday, a local butcher, brewer and chef will come together to create one such dinner.

All three put a special focus on growing and cooking local within their businesses, and on Sunday they will highlight one of Minnesota’s main products – grains.

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company, Peterson Craftsman Meats and Chef Chris Nye of Spoon and Stable are coming together to host “With the Grain.”

“We feel that grains have been vilified by some recent diet fads and we’re excited to spend this time celebrating these fantastic grains, all of which are native to the area and offer a ton of flavor as well as nutritional value,” Nye said in a recent press release.

Lakes & Legends focuses on locally grown ingredients in its Farm Series brews. Each of the beers within the series is brewed with at least one ingredient that is locally sourced.

“We try to find the best ingredients locally and then let them shine through our beers,” Ethan Applen, CEO of Lakes & Legends said in a recent press release. “This dinner gives people the chance to see the entire journey of those ingredients, from farm, to cooking and brewing, and ultimately to the plate and glass.”

From 2 – 8 p.m. at Peterson Crafts Meats farm, guests will enjoy three courses, each paired with a special brew from the series.

The first course is Puffed Grains – ham, asparagus, morel mushrooms and lovage pesto paired with the Quatre Saison Ale.

Next, the Field Corn Dumpling – a dumpling filled with spring succotash, blood sausage and bratwurst paired with the Wilde Rijst Ale.

Finally, the dinner ends with the Red Fife Wheat Berry Porridge – a grilled pork loin with ramps, rhubarb paired with the Agredoux Sour Brown Ale.

Additionally, all the spent grain from the beer brewed for this dinner was given back to Peterson Craftsman Meats by Lakes & Legends to be used as feed for the hogs.

“With the Grain” takes place 2 – 8 p.m. Sunday at Peterson Craftsman Meats. Tickets cost $100 and include food, beer, tax and gratuity. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit Spoon and Stable online.


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