MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A popular metro fishing hole and waterfall could turn into sediment if a new renovation project goes through.

The waterway in Minnehaha Creek in Edina has some deep memories for Betty Workinger, who lives nearby.

“My kids grew up here, they played in it, they did nature walks along it,” Workinger said.

Whether it’s fishing, kayaking or tubing, people come to the fishing hole to coast though summer.

Stan Davis, who also lives nearby, says he loves the creek.

minnehaha creek rapids Watershed District, Edina Residents At Odds Over Waterfall

(credit: CBS)

“It’s like a main square, except it’s, you know, wilderness,” Davis said. “It’s a place for everyone to kind of gather.”

But it could dry up. The city is working with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District on a restoration plan.

“By remandering that creek, we can add to the fishery, we can also make it a safer passage for tubers,” said Water Resource Coordinator Jessica Wilson.

She says they figured out they need to take down a dam and elongate the area after gathering feedback and researching the area.

“It’s going be a different experience. There won’t just be this deep hole where you can pull fish from. It will be more of a stream-fishing experience than a pool-fishing experience,” Wilson said. “But we know fishing’s important to the community, it’s important to the Watershed District and it’s important to the city. And we think that this project will improve that fishery, make it a better space for fish.”

Davis thinks it will mean missed experiences for many. He has started a campaign to save the area from which memories flow.

“We can make a great park, we can make whatever the Watershed District wants to do, but don’t remove the waterfall,” he said.

This is not a done deal. The next step is for the Edina City Council to vote on June 20.

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