MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Burnsville has become the latest target of tree vandals in the Twin Cities.

burnsville tree vandalism1 Trees Vandalized In Burnsville Park

A forester inspects damaged trees in Terrace Oaks Park (credit: CBS)

City officials say at least four black cherry trees were the victims of girdling in Terrace Oaks Park.

Girdling is the practice of stripping bark away from the circumference of a tree, ceasing the flow of water and sugar throughout.

vandalized trees in lebanon hills park 2 Trees Vandalized In Burnsville Park

A girdled tree in Lebanon Hills Regional Park (credit: CBS)

The act essentially inflicts a mortal wound, and the tree dies within a year or two.

Officials believe the girdling happened months ago.

robbinsdale tree damage Trees Vandalized In Burnsville Park

A damaged tree in Lakeview Terrace Park (credit: CBS)

At least six cherry trees in Eagan’s Lebanon Hills Regional Park were also girdled in March.

And several trees in Robbinsdale’s Lakeview Terrace Park were girdled by one or more vandals in April, though city officials say all but one tree are expected to survive.

Anyone with information on any of these cases is urged to contact 911.


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