By Jason DeRusha

DULUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — You would think it’s a no brainer: Waterfront restaurants should serve seafood.

But in Duluth, nobody was really focusing on fresh seafood with a lakefront view. Until now. This week, DeRusha Eats at The Boat Club.

The views are unmistakably Duluth. Lake Superior, kissing the rocky shore. The iconic bridge, lifting to welcome boats home.

So it’s only fitting the Duluth finally has a lakefront spot, focusing on fish.

“Having a seafood restaurant? Seems so obvious? But how long has Duluth been without a fresh fish and fresh seafood restaurant? It’s been a long time,” Jason Vincent said.

Jason Vincent opened The Boat Club restaurant inside the Fitger’s complex in Duluth in early 2017.

“You’re not a restaurant guy by training? Not by trade, not by profession,” Vincent said.

Jason was a TV News guy. In 2014, he opened a small restaurant on the North Shore called The Vanilla Bean.

“I wanted to work my way into Duluth market but I knew I needed to get my experience somewhere else. The Duluth market is tough, it’s a foodie market. There’s a lot of great restaurants in this town and so I wanted to go get my experience somewhere else,” Vincent said.

Chef Chris Proctor runs the kitchen.

“It’s really been a dream, something new to the area compared to your typical steak and burger place,” Proctor said.

I mean look at these beautiful crab legs. It is fresh fish in a stunning environment.

There’s something about the feel of having fresh seafood by the lake.

“We try to source as much locally as we can,” Vincent said.

“We do get our trout from Lake Superior, from local fisherman,” Proctor said.

The Boat House stuffs that local lake trout and serves it with wild rice pilaf.

The food is delicious. But the vibe, the room, the total package makes you feel like you’re really experiencing lakefront dining in Duluth.

“I think the environment, atmosphere and view has a real impact on what you’re eating and the plates in front of you,” Proctor said.

“It’s a lot of work but it’s great. I love it every day,” Vincent said.


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