MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Leaders within the African-American community say the lie told by a security guard at St. Catherine University highlights a much bigger problem in society.

Police say 25-year-old Brent Ahlers admitted to accidentally shooting himself while at work Tuesday night. But when he called 911, he said a black man in a sweatshirt with a short Afro did it. St. Paul police put the St. Kate’s campus on lockdown while officers looked for a suspect the guard falsely described.

brent ahlers AALC President: St. Kates Guards Lie Was A Hideous Crime

Brent Ahlers (credit: CBS)

“This was a hideous crime by this man, he could have gotten an African-American male hurt or worse,” African-American Leadership Council President Tyrone Terrill said.

tyrone terrill AALC President: St. Kates Guards Lie Was A Hideous Crime

(credit: CBS)

Community leaders condemned the accusation. They said there is a long history of being falsely accused of crimes, and it needs to stop.

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  1. Who care what a bunch of stupid idiots has to say. Clean up your own neighborhood and THEN come talk to me.

  2. How many blacks every year LIE about being a victim of racism in Minnesota? Hundreds!!! Only the college reports ever make the news. After the police investigate, they ALWAYS determine the black person Lied Lied Lied. But does WCCOkstpKAREkmsp ever do a followup story explaining it was a lie? No.

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