"I mostly listen to whatever video the kids are playing."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Corriann At The Hyland Ski Jump

“It fits the kids really well.” – Corriann and her Mazda 5


"It's loaded and pretty much has all the features."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dennis At Target Field

“It looks kind of angry from the front.” – Dennis and his Dodge Ram


"Lola's just clean."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mike At Lake Harriett

“We were drawn to the ‘different kind of a car’ message.” – Mike and his Saturn Ion


"I always have licorice in my glove compartment."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Julianne At Trader Joe’s In Woodbury

“The bluebird of happiness has always been in my life.” Julianne and her VW Passat


"This is my dream car! To me this is just heaven."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Suzanne At The Mall of America

“My car is like my freedom.” – Suzanne and her Toyota Solara Convertible


"It’s a great way to get away, even when you are in the city.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jennifer In Cathedral Hill

“It’s a very simple ‘home away from home’ on wheels.” – Jennifer and her VW EuroVan


“There is nothing like driving a little too fast with the sunroof open.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pat In Northeast Minneapolis

“It’s red. It’s fast. It was a mid-life crisis!” – Pat and his Audi A3


"I like Fords. You can just slap on new things."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Vincent At Wellstone Elementary

“We got a truck because I wanted to look like a man!” – Vincent and his Ford Ranger


"I like turning up the music and singing."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Marisa In Rice Park

“I call my car The Terminator because it’s a beast.” – Marisa and her Ford Fusion


"I really want to do an outsider art trip."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Joan At Minnehaha Falls

““She’s the dream come true maker!” – Joan and her Dodge Dakota Sport Pickup


“I like the great gas mileage and smooth ride.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rena At The Selby-Snelling Intersection

“I have kids, but don’t like the stigma that comes with vans.” – Rena and her Mazda 3 Hatchback


“This is just my get-around-town car."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Todd In Dayton’s Bluff

“It’s old-school style with a new jack taste.” – Todd and his Cadillac Deville


"I'm hoping to drive it out to Utah for Speedweek."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mike On East River Road

“Go out and buy it!” – Mike and his BMW f800st


"One of favorite things to do to wind down is to take random drives.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Carrie At The Downtown Minneapolis Post Office

“I named her Bonnie after Bonnie and Clyde.” – Carrie and her Kia Rondo


“I love ‘70s muscle cars like the Dodge Dart.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dawn In Roseville

“This is my first new car. It’s super reliable.” – Dawn and her Subaru Outback



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