DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Susette At Stone Arch Bridge “Where there are fun roads, this is the car we’ll take.” - Susette and her Acura
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michael At The Xcel Energy Center “I’m probably in ‘My Machine’ 60 percent of the working day.” - Michael and his Ford Fusion
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Irv Gordon & His (Nearly) Three-Million-Mile Volvo“My first love is Volvo.” - Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo 1800S
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Remy Maxwell At His MaxiPadd Garage In Minneapolis"We’re showcasing in the pics my 1992 Springer Softail" - Remy Maxwell
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dave In Hopkins“My daughter added some artwork to our backseat with some color markers.” - Dave and his Subaru Outback
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Corriann At The Hyland Ski Jump“It fits the kids really well.” - Corriann and her Mazda 5
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dennis At Target Field“It looks kind of angry from the front.” - Dennis and his Dodge Ram
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mike At Lake Harriett“We were drawn to the 'different kind of a car' message.” - Mike and his Saturn Ion
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Julianne At Trader Joe's In Woodbury"The bluebird of happiness has always been in my life." Julianne and her VW Passat
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Suzanne At The Mall of America“My car is like my freedom.” - Suzanne and her Toyota Solara Convertible
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jennifer In Cathedral Hill “It’s a very simple ‘home away from home’ on wheels.” - Jennifer and her VW EuroVan
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pat In Northeast Minneapolis “It’s red. It’s fast. It was a mid-life crisis!” - Pat and his Audi A3

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