• (credit: CBS)

    Clinton Rallies For Minn. Democrats At Macalester

    "This election is much more about you than it is about us."

  • (credit: CBS)

    GOP Ad Ties Death Of Abused Child To Dayton

    The ad suggests a law backed by Dayton made it more difficult to substantiate abuse claims.

  • (credit: CBS)

    Any And All Minnesotans Can Vote Absentee

    Even though Election Day is two weeks away, Minnesotans were already heading to the polls.

  • (credit: CBS)

    Johnson Levels ‘Lying’ Charge Over Health Rates

    Johnson said the Dayton administration is lowballing the medical premium estimates for...

  • (credit: CBS)

    Dayton Talks On Ebola, Gas Tax & The 'Unaware' Ad

    In a two-part interview, the governor spoke on a range of topics facing his campaign.


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