Hinesight With John Hines

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A love letter to Blockbuster

John talked to Alexis Madrigal from The Atlantic about his piece saying goodbye to Blockbuster


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Christmas Tree….REAL or FAKE?

Is your tree REAL or FAKE? Click the link above and vote on John’s poll!


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Do You Have Some Money Coming From A Class Action Settlement?

You may have some money coming your way….go to the link to file a claim!


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Huge Jackpot Means Dreams For Players, Real Payouts For Minn.

Everybody knows it’s the longest of long shots, but that doesn’t stop lottery ticket holders from dreaming of what they would do with a $640 million jackpot. Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing is the richest jackpot in world history.


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Lying…….Why We Do It.

As heard on Friday the 18th when John Hines filled in for Michele Tafoya.


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For Information On The Government’s Video Contest……..

As heard on The Michele Tafoya Show with John Hines on Friday 10-7

830 WCCO–10/07/2011

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Planking Is So Yesterday! This, Is The New Craze!

Maybe it’s the key to better health…or, a serious headache. Check out BATMANNING!


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Problems For Auto Dealers, Buyers During Shutdown

It’s day 12 of the state government shutdown and many services remain at a standstill, including parts of auto sales.


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New research finds best way to reduce crime

Criminologist Dr. Byron Johnson from Baylor University joined John Hines this morning to talk about his book “More God, Less Crime.” You can buy his book right here.

830 WCCO–05/11/2011

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At What Age Should The TSA Patdowns Start?

John Hines discusses this story at 5:35 pm on WCCO Radio!


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Do The “YOUR BABY CAN READ” Video Series Really Work?

Consumers are demanding refunds….were they sold a bill of goods?



Woman Has A Penny For John Hines….It’s Kinda Heavy!

Her amazing story shared on Thursday Night with John Hines!


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Minnesota Wild To Wear Camouflage Jersey’s!

Click Here to see now!


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King Tut Walks Tall In St. Paul

It’s the largest exhibit ever at the Science Museum of Minnesota!


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L.A. TV Reporter Did Not Have A Stroke On The Air.

Doctors say it was an acute migraine.

830 WCCO–02/18/2011

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Do You Agree With This Iowa Wrestler?

A highly ranked High School Wrestler in Iowa forfeited his match against a female wrestler. Do you agree?


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Fan Is Denied $50,000 On Technicality!

Guy makes MIRACLE SHOT, and can’t collect!


Eric Eskola and Paul Wellstone at the State Fair

Is This Offensive Or What?

The Late Paul Wellstone’s legacy is made fun of in this Bumper Sticker.
Is it over the top? Comment please!


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Hey J-Lo! The Next American Idol Is Right HERE!

The next Internet Sensation is here…you have to watch and listen to appreciate her talent!


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Is This Video Game Funny Or Insensitive?

Some folks are very upset with a video game makers use of illegal immigrants in their new game.



Just In Time For The NBA All Star Weekend….Dunks From Hell!

Take 60 seconds and laugh along!!


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Watch Lara Logan Talk About The Dangers Of Egypt.

She knew the dangers, but still went back.


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Need Help Becoming Irresistible Online

Skip the tedious, time‐consuming aspect of online dating and enjoy the best part: meeting people in person, and testing out the chemistry…


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Online Dating: Does It Work?

Websites offering background check services are all over the Internet. We show you how to get the same results on your own without spending any money.


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Walking And Texting Can Be Hazardous!

An unknown mall shopper thinks no one is watching her walk and text? Think again!