Jordana's Blog: Compliment Away!"Don't waste a compliment on yourself." A guest on my show, Stephen Blair Venable, said this on the air Thursday night.
Jordana's Blog: Sparkle On, Gram!My Grammy is still alive, thank G-d. She's 96. Gram has the best jewelry. She's had two generous husbands, held a job most of her life, has traveled all over the world and taught me the meaning of an "important" piece. (A high-value piece of jewelry in weight and quality.)
Jordana's Blog: Never As GoodMy mother is a good cook. Me, not so much. I don't like cooking, it's not my thing. I do it to keep my children alive. When people say they like to cook, I secretly think they just say that because of the praise they get when someone compliments them on their cooking.
Jordana's Blog: Yoga Trumps Mom-Of-The-Year AwardI thought I was home free. I just dropped the kids at school, I was heading to the grocery store and then to yoga (my one hour of total me time all week). Then I get a call from the school.
Jordana's Blog: Out Of The ClosetI love closet switch day. It's the day all the winter stuff comes out of your closet and your summer stuff goes in. I wish I did this for my actual clothes, too. But then it would become closet switch week because I'm not that organized.
Jordana's Blog: Scary BlogLast night/morning the doorbell rang at 3:03 am. I figured I was dreaming and tried to go back to sleep. Then it rang again.
Jordana’s Blog: The Little ThingsTuesday was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. It's not that we all can't afford to buy our own ice cream cones, but being given one makes you feel like a kid again.
Jordana's Blog: Family VacationDon't you hate photos of happy families on an awesome vacations that you're not on? This is why people hate Facebook. Your feed is filled with other people's pics of them doing fun things and looking happy. Gag.
Jordana's Blog: The Women's League For Conservative JudaismOn Monday I spoke at the Women's League for Conservative Judaism's Spring Conference. At least 100 women from Winnipeg to Texas, leaders in their respective temples, were there to learn more about how to build stronger communities.
Jordana's Blog: Heavy MachineryYou're along for the ride of my landscape project this spring. We just renovated our house and all we have is dirt outside.

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