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Jordana's Blog: Jeep MusclesLate Friday evening looked post-apocalyptic in the metro. Severe weather (what some call the worst storm they’ve ever seen here) had taken its toll. I had spent the last two hours on the air with you, meteorologist Mike Lynch, Edgar Linares, Jonathan Lowe, Daphne Adato, Roshini Rajkumar, and one of our WCCO sales guys Hutch, giving storm warnings, watches, updates and damage reports.
Jordana’s Blog: I Love It When I’m WrongMy favorite yoga class was canceled a few weeks ago, so after boycotting the new class that replaced it for a while, (my silent protest that hurt no one but me) I decided it was time to try the new teacher. After all, it wasn’t his fault the other class was canceled.
Jordana's Blog: Not Too Soon AnymoreNearly two years ago a very well-meaning friend sent me a book called 'Divorce is a Mitzvah." I threw it in a closet ... too soon. Two years later, I still haven't read it, because now I don't need to. Is it too soon for me to write all the good things about my divorce?
Jordana's Blog: Tiger's Eye Trumps Evil EyeI received a beautiful gift today. It’s a necklace, handcrafted, to protect me. It was given to my by a massage therapist, Aisha. I’ve written about her before, she’s a great therapist and very intuitive about body energy. She knows mine. The necklace she gave me featured the stones Tiger’s Eye and onyx and it was wrapped in copper. It’s beautiful, but art is not its mission.
Jordana's Blog: Women Are All The Same ... All Fabulous!I had two extraordinary meetings with amazing women this week.
Jordana's Blog: Spring CleaningI love cleaning. Not toilets or ovens, but my closet, yes. Usually when I tell my friends I'm about to embark on this endeavor, they get nervous. Because my closet (and yours) is the physical manifestation of what's going on in my head and heart.
Jordana's Blog: What 93 Has To Tell 40My Grammy is 93. She's sharp as a tack, lives independently in Florida, still drives and wears as much bling as my 9-year-old. I saw her this week for Passover and my dad's 70th birthday party.
Jordana’s Blog: Who Said That?When did I get to be the grownup? Some of the things that come out of my mouth have made me pause and look around for who actually said that. This happened the other day in the car. In the car that wasn't totaled.
Jordana's Blog: The Wisdom Of A 9-Year-OldCrazy title I know, because when my kids were little and I was doing ECFE some mom’s would wax poetic about how much they were learning from their infant and how they were growing as a person now that they were a mother.
Jordana's Blog: The Most Beautiful Things I've Ever HeardWords are powerful and when they are used for good, spoken with love, they can create moments and feelings you never forget.
Jordana's Blog: Honor Thy Father And Thy MotherA visit from the parents is always an adventure. You never know if there will be a blowout fight, some passive aggressive verbal slights or just typical disdainful judgments about who you’re sleeping with or how you parent.
Jordana's Blog: Sisters, Blood And OtherwiseI had a sister once. (I still do have one blood relative sister, she's amazing, alive and well in Long Island, love you Deb.) This sister was not blood, but we shared a brain and a heart.

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