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Disney’s Star Wars

We know that Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars.  What if they decided to make a musical version of the story.  It might go like this.


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Invisible Driver Pranking Drive-thru Workers

Check out this great prank.


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Winning Recipes For Grilled Cheese Contest

Here are the four winning recipes for the WCCO Heavy Table Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Contest James Norton’s notes included.


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Giant Squid

Check out this squid caught on video by Japanese divers.


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Brent Musburger Feels Heat He Made Over Hot Comment

Do you think Brent’s comments were creepy?


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Short Film “Seconds”

This short film reminds us of the consequences of missed opportunity.


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David Bowie’s New Video

David Bowie celebrate’s his 66th birthday today by releasing his latest work Where Are We Now?


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Peer Shaming Is The Latest Trend For Teen Girls

There is a new popular girl out in Social Media land.


1968 Ford Shelby GT-500KR Convertible (Photo 2/3)

Mom Pranks Her Son Good

Check out this great video of a little boy who though he bought a $50,000 Mustang on Ebay.


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Is Celebrities Speaking Out Against Gun Violence Hypocritical

This is the video causing a stir This is the antivideo \


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Tailgating Fun Before The Game

Here’s how one group of people like to prep before a big game.


Suzy Favor-Hamilton #820

Suzy Favor’s Nike Ad

Suzy Favor Hamilton is going through a rough patch right now.  Here is her Nike ad back from 2000.


Big Bird (Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty Images)

Big Bird Grieves For Mr. Looper…Er, Hooper

Big Bird learns about death.


Christmas Music

What Holiday Song Could You Listen To, Over And Over?

Click the above link to vote on which song you could hear over and over during the holiday season!


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Jesus Statue Is Causing Fuss At Montana Ski Resort

Does this Skiing Jesus offend you?


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Cop Helps Homeless Man

Great heartwarming story


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Here’s An Interesting Tactic To Find A Buyer

A dad decided to use his daughter in pictures to help sell his Datsun.


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Christmas Tree….REAL or FAKE?

Is your tree REAL or FAKE? Click the link above and vote on John’s poll!


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Should This Woman Lose Her Job?

Being a smart-alek could cost this woman her job.


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Storm in Australia off Bateman’s Bay

Check out this vortex water tower.


Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell (Photo by ISAF via Getty Images)

Petraeus Movie Spoof

A funny take on the ongoing soap of the Petraeus affair.


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Fantastic Marching Band Formation

University of Hawaii Marching Band makes magic happen on the field


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Shhhhhh. It’s A Wig.

Check out this great video from 2010 that has gone viral again.


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Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

Mr. Burns lays it out.



Chinese Teacher Posts Abusive Photos Online

A young preschool teacher has been fired for posting more than 700 pics of her abusing her students.