Good Question: Why Are Knee Injuries So Common?The Minnesota Vikings announced Tuesday that starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has a complete tear in his ACL -- the anterior cruciate ligament.
Good Questions: State Fair EditionWhere does that milk go? How did Fairchild get his name? What happens to all of the award-winning baked goods after the fair?
WCCO Viewers' Choice For Best Midway Game At The State FairYour votes sent Natalie Nyhus to the game at Midway where there's always a winner!
Good Question: How Do Drug Companies Set Their Prices?The cost of EpiPens, a shot to treat life-threatening allergies, has jumped from about $100 to $600 in the past six years.
Good Question: Do Kids Have More Homework Nowadays?A letter to parents by a second-grade teacher in Texas has gone viral after she wrote she wouldn't assign any formal homework this year.
Reality Check: Attack Ads In The Nolan-Mills RaceCongressman Rick Nolan, the Democrat representing Minnesota’s 8th District, is running a television ad responding to what he calls a "smear" campaign by his opponent, Republican challenger Stewart Mills.
Finding Minnesota: Allen Christian's House Of BallsThere's one gallery in Minneapolis that’s known for its one-of-a-kind pieces, because they push the envelope on what many consider conventional art.
Good Question: How Much Should We Sit?If you sit all day long, exercise is not enough to undo the damage to your heart.
WCCO Viewers' Choice For Best Ice Cream In MinnesotaSure, there are Dairy Queens all over the world, but none like this in Starbuck. It's been owned and operated by the same family - the Andersons - for 60 years.
Good Question: What Is Rabies?The city of Minneapolis announced Wednesday it caught and euthanized a fox suspected of biting two people near Lake Harriet.
Good Question: How Fresh Is Corn When It Gets To Stores?Lots of corn is grown at farms less than a hour away from the Twin Cities, but how long does it take to get to grocery stores after it's picked?
Good Questions: Mosquito Food, Frogtown, West NileWhat do mosquitos eat besides our blood? Why is the St. Paul neighborhood called Frogtown? How did the West Nile Virus get to Minnesota?

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