Good Question: What Happens If You Don't Have A Will?58% of American adults do not have a will, and only a third of people with children have a written plan in place.
Good Question: Why Do I Hate The Sound Of My Own Voice?Ever heard yourself on your voicemail and think, "I sound like that?" Cookie from Minnetonka did, so she e-mailed wanting to know: Why do I hate the sound of my own voice? Good Question.
Good Question: What's The Story Behind Mount Rushmore?A viewer recently sent us a question: what's the history behind Mount Rushmore? Good Question.
Good Question: How Is MnPASS Enforced?MnPASS users pay to be able to use the HOV lanes on 35W, 35E and 394 during morning and afternoon rush hours.
Good Question: How Common Is Deportation?United States immigration agents arrested more than 600 people across several states last week.
Good Question: How Much Data Do We Use?The big four cellphone companies will no longer charge users if they use too much data. Instead, they’ll just slow them down.
Good Question: Why Are Greeting Cards So Expensive?A survey from the Greeting Card Association finds the average cost is about $4.50 a card.
Good Question: How Did Valentine's Day Start?During the Roman era, there was a fertility festival held in mid-February called Lupercalia.
Good Question: How Has Legalized Marijuana Impacted Other States?What has the impact of legalizing recreational marijuana been in states that have tried it? Good Question.
Good Question: How Are Super Bowl Tickets Allocated?The countdown is on. The Super Bowl makes its way to Minnesota next year and that had Paul from Minneapolis wondering if he can get tickets. So, how are Super Bowl tickets allocated? Good Question.
Good Question: Why Does Your Nose Run When It's Cold?On a normal day, the human nose can produce about one liter of mucous. We don’t know it, though, because most of it gets swallowed.
Good Question: How Can You Filter Your Facebook Feed?Remember when Facebook was just fun cat videos and sharing what we ate for lunch? Not anymore.

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