Good Question: Why Do We Laugh?By now, you've likely seen the video of Texas mom, Candace Payne, laughing while wearing a Chewbacca mask, and laughed with her.
Good Questions: Headlights, Sleep Jerk, Shoulder StressIt's Friday, and we're answering your Good Questions! Melody from Bloomington wants to know: What's the law for turning on your headlights?
Good Question: Why Are Boys And Girls Drawn To Different Toys?From "Star Wars," to Marvel, to the new "Ghostbusters" -- controversies are hitting the toy aisle. In some cases, female action figures have been left off the shelves for fear they would not sell as well.
Good Question: Why Do We Drink So Much In The Midwest?A new report revealed the drunkest cities in America, and our neighbors to the east are well represented. Twelve of the top 20 cities are in Wisconsin, and seventeen of the top 20 are in the Upper Midwest.
Good Question: How's Fat Content Determined In Ground Beef?Grilling season is here, and that means shoppers will be deciding between 80-percent and 90-percent lean-ground beef. You can actually buy ground beef as low as 70-percent lean, and that had some viewers wondering just how they determine fat content.
Good Question: What Does Tuition Pay For?Over the past decade, average tuition has risen more than 80 percent. That got us wondering -- what does tuition pay for? Good Question.
Good Question: What Is HIPAA?We still don't know much about Prince's death. Part of that is because of medical privacy laws. So what is HIPAA? Good Question.
Good Question: How Does A Jury Get Selected?Whether you want to do your civic duty or not, the chances of getting selected for jury duty are kind of like hitting the lottery. "Only about 5 percent out of everyone in the state," said Kathie LaCosse, jury program coordinator for the state of Minnesota.
Good Question: Why Do We Still Have Summer Vacation?For many kids, the countdown is on to summer vacation. A lot of Minnesota schools have less than a month to go before summer break. While students here get summers off, kids in a lot of other countries, like China and Japan, have year-round schooling.
Good Question: How Much Are We Charging?U.S. consumers are using credit cards at the fastest pace in more than a decade. It got us wondering how much we are charging. And who's carrying a credit card balance? Good Question.
Good Questions: Earth, American Flags & Wrinkly HandsIt's Friday night, so that means we're answering a few of your Good Questions that we couldn't get to this week.
Good Question: What’s The Story Behind Cinco De Mayo?To thousands of Americans, Cinco de Mayo means tacos, guacamole and margaritas. They may think they are celebrating Mexico's independence. But Cinco de Mayo was actually created because of another historical event.

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