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Reality Check: Unionizing Day Care

Minnesota has some of the highest child care costs in the country for center-based day cares.


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Reality Check: Rick Perry’s Debate Gaffe

Energy was the third department of the federal government Rick Perry could not remember during a CNBC debate Wednesday. But forget, for a moment, Rick Perry’s memory lapse. Can he even do that?


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Reality Check: Has Obama Come Through On Promises?

One year to the day before the 2012 election, President Obama is already being judged on his handling of the economy.


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Reality Check: Rolling The Dice On Gambling Revenues

There has been plenty of talk at the Minnesota State Capitol about a new Vikings stadium and now gambling is back on the table. But how much gambling money is actually available in Minnesota right now?


An artist rendering of the proposed Vikings stadium in Arden Hills. (credit: Minnesota Vikings)

Reality Check: ‘Walk Away’ Clause In Vikes Stadium Deal

Governor Mark Dayton is hoping his stadium blitz at the State Capitol will end with a Vikings vote by Thanksgiving. But not before the Vikes agree to a series of conditions, including a legal promise not to walk away from the deal.


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Reality Check: Do Winless Vikes Hurt Stadium Chances?

Minnesota Vikings fans are reeling over Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions. It puts the winless purple at the bottom of their division, and it couldn’t come at a worse time for a team that is pushing hard for a new stadium.


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Reality Check: Dayton’s Trade Mission A Double Standard?

Gov. Mark Dayton left Friday for a nine-day trade mission to South Korea, his first overseas trip as governor — something previous Minnesota governors have done. However, as a candidate, Dayton criticized former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s trade missions.


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Pat Kessler’s Mailbag On Obama’s Millionaire Tax

Many of WCCO-TV’s viewers reacted strongly to Pat Kessler’s Reality Check Tuesday night on President Obama’s plan for a millionaire tax.


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Reality Check: Do MN’s Millionaires Pay Highest Taxes?

President Barack Obama is proposing higher taxes for millionaires to help pay for a jobs program. In Minnesota, it’s a tax hike that could hit thousands of millionaires.


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Reality Check: Bachmann’s Comments On HPV Vaccine

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign has gone viral. Literally.


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Reality Check: Bachmann Gets Aggressive In GOP Debate

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann got aggressive in the latest Republican presidential debate on CNN on Monday night.



Reality Check: Who’s To Blame Over Education Funding?

It’s only the first day of school, and Minnesota classrooms are already struggling for money.


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Reality Check: Minnesota Schools Starting Early

For years, Minnesota had a law preventing schools from opening before Labor Day. But now Minnesota schools can apply to the state for permission to open early. And many are doing it.


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Reality Check: Which Fair Food Booth Makes The Most?

The official Minnesota State Fair records from last year confirm that what makes it great for vendors: hundreds of thousands of customers in one place.


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Reality Check: Bachmann’s $2 Gas Claims

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s pledge to bring back $2 gas has the feel of a “chicken in every pot” political promise.


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Reality Check: Pawlenty On Climate Change

Tim Pawlenty, climate change skeptic? Minnesota’s ex-governor is a former believer, whose previous views on global warming are melting faster than the polar ice caps.


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Reality Check: The State Protecteth Itself

The Minnesota state government giveth, and the Minnesota state government taketh away. But in the case of the record 20-day shutdown last month, it also protecteth itself.


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Reality Check: Bachmann Stirs Controversy Over Debt Ceiling

President Obama signed into law Tuesday the controversial bill raising the nation’s debt ceiling. It didn’t come without a bruising political fight, and a few exaggerations.


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Reality Check: Minn. Budget Bill’s State Workforce Cuts

Minnesota’s laid off state workers are back on the job after the governor and legislature reached a budget deal, but they face more cuts with the compromise to end the 20-day shutdown.


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Reality Check: MN Legislators’ Private Shutdown Meetings

Not only are Minnesota lawmakers writing the bills behind closed doors, they are writing the bills inside the State Capitol, which is closed and locked to the public.


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Reality Check: Gov. Dayton’s ‘Tax The Rich’ Promise

Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican leaders are hoping to finish work by midnight on a budget deal to end Minnesota’s 15-day government shutdown. It’s an agreement no one seems to like, including Dayton.


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Reality Check: ‘99.5 Percent Agreement’ On Budget Bill?

In the two weeks since Minnesota’s shutdown began, Republican House and Senate leaders have called five times for Gov. Mark Dayton to call a special session. They say the shutdown is “completely unnecessary” because there’s agreement on almost every aspect of the major budget bill.


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Reality Check Update: Minn. Lawmakers’ Paychecks

WCCO-TV’s Reality Check reported last week that an overwhelming majority of Minnesota lawmakers, Democrats and Republicans, are getting paid during the shutdown. Now, one legislator says there’s something wrong with that.


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Reality Check: Minnesota’s Historic Shutdown

Minnesota is about to enter the record books: the longest state government shutdown in modern history.


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Reality Check: Shutdown Is Part Of Pawlenty’s Campaign

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty inserted himself into the 2011 shutdown debate twice in the last six days.