In the scorching summer sun, it is all too easy to feel like a melted mess instead of a bronzed beauty. Keep these items in your handbag to look your very best this summer.

1 elizabeth dehn face spray credit www elizabethdehn com Summer Handbag Essentials

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dehn

Elizabeth Dehn Face Spray — $28.00

Elizabeth Dehn Face Spray is the perfect way to keep your skin cool, hydrated and fresh this summer. A quick spritz throughout the day will refresh your skin without smudging your makeup. Alcohol-free and made of all natural ingredients, this antioxidant infused spray will keep you looking polished. Elizabeth Dehn is based in Minneapolis.

3 shea spray credit www hamadibeauty com Summer Handbag Essentials

Photo Credit: Hamadi Beauty

Hamadi Beauty Shea Spray – $19.00

Sure, the sun is great for your tan, but it’s not always great for your hair. Hamadi Beauty Shea Spray will keep your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free this summer. Great for all hair types and made with 100% organic ingredients, this spray can be used on dry or wet hair to protect your hair from the sun. Hamadi Beauty available locally at Kasia Organic Salon and Nurturing You Beyond.

4 a bag lady photo credit nicole crosbie Summer Handbag Essentials

Photo Credit Nicole Crosbie

A Bag Lady Headband – $15.00

Whether you wear your hair up or down during the summer, this sparkly headband is the perfect hair accessory. Affordable and easy to wear, this headband will add a touch of glam to a classic up-do or to beach tousled waves. Check out A Bag Lady on 212 Division Street in Northfield, Minn.

lipstick Summer Handbag Essentials

Photo Credit: Elixery

Elixery Lipstick – $18.00

Lipstick doesn’t always have to make a bold statement and the Elixery’s Ingenue adds just the right amount of color and shine. This peachy-pink colored lipstick will keep your lips soft and pretty this summer. Made in Minneapolis from 100% vegan ingredients, Ingenue is a summer must-have. You can find Elixery lipstick at The Hive Salon.

2 versace sunglasses credit www sunglasshut com Summer Handbag Essentials

Photo Credit: Sunglass Hut

Versace Sunglasses – $220.00 at Sunglass Hut

Sunglasses are a summer staple and if you’re thinking about splurging on designer shades, Versace is the way to go. Unique and effortlessly stylish, this round-framed pair of sunglasses (style VE4214) is an investment for summers to come. You can find them at Sunglass Hut.

Nicole Crosbie loves fashion and shopping, she has lived in Minnesota her whole life and loves finding new places to shop, eat and explore in the Twin Cities. She has degrees in public relations and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.


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