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Meet, and Hear Steve Forbes as he discusses his new book Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy – and What We Can Do About It.

Thursday, October 9

11:15 am – 12:00 pm                  Registration and Networking
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm           Lunch and Steve Forbes presentation

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About the book:

Few topics are as misunderstood today as the subject of money.  Since the U.S. abandoned a gold-linked dollar more than four decades ago, the world’s governments have slid into a dangerous ignorance of the fundamental monetary principles that guided the world’s most successful economies for centuries.  Forbes shows how today’s wrong-headed money policies—espoused and enacted by Obama and other heads of state around the world—are now setting the stage for a new global economic and social catastrophe that could rival the recent financial crisis and even the horrors of the 1930s.  Forbes explains how the Bernanke/Yellen Federal Reserve and its unstable dollar policies have been accelerating our course toward disaster, and what we can do to stop it.

Steve Forbes explains how a weak dollar is at the heart of many problems today, including:

  • The weak economic recovery
  • Slower long-term growth and higher unemployment
  • High food and fuel prices
  • Declining mobility, greater inequality, and the destruction of personal wealth
  • Increased volatility and currency crises
  • Larger government with higher debt
  • Lower levels of business innovation and entrepreneurship

Steve Forbes is coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Power Ambition Glory and the Wall Street Journal bestseller How Capitalism Will Save Us.   Forbes is Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, which publishes Forbes magazine, with a circulation of nearly one million readers. Combined with Forbes Asia, Forbes Europe, and the company’s licensee editions, the magazine reaches close to 6 million global readers. Forbes.com reaches 65 million unique monthly visitors.


“Economic and monetary policies can be difficult to master for even the savviest politicians. Money effectively communicates these complexities into a cohesive argument for economic recovery and preventing a new financial crisis. Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames deliver a gripping read and an intriguing viewpoint on how to get our economy back on track.”

Greta Van Susteren, Host of On the Record, Fox News Channel


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