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Still no ruling on whether fire that killed girl, 10, and two others hours before girl's alleged rapist was set to go on trial was accidental
Big companies are spending millions of dollars to prank unsuspecting customers on April Fools' Day.
Andrew Getty, whose family name is synonymous with elite American wealth, was found dead in his California home
Trevor Duffy, 19, died in November following a night of heavy drinking during a party held by Zeta Beta Tau at the University at Albany
Abused by adoptive family as a child, 39-year-old father Adam Crapser could be further punished by an immigration policy
Michelle Stewart's kidneys are failing. She's on the list for a transplant, but her husband is trying to speed up the process of finding a match by putting a sign on his truck that says, "Type O Blood, Wife Needs Kidney." The Colorado couple is getting a massive response. Norah O'Donnell reports.
Tyaina Finch was charged with murder, aggravated assault and possessing instruments of crime in the death of Mark Hudson in Darby Township, near Philadelphia, on Saturday.
University opens investigation into what official calls "hateful and stupid act"
Gun clubs are going upscale. They are giving members a new level of style and sophistication, targeting a younger, more affluent and increasingly female patrons. Chip Reid reports on the new range of luxury from Elite Shooting Sports in Manassas, Virginia.
Driver honked his horn when detective in unmarked car failed to signal, which led to him reading the driver the riot act