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It's been a tale of two coasts, with different types of extreme weather conditions hitting different spots of the country, impacting the economy in some places. Jericka Duncan reports from New York.
While many places in the Northeast had their coldest February ever, the West is still struggling to crawl out of its drought. Carter Evans reports on the Western winter.
Nina Pham, one of two nurses working at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital who contracted Ebola while treating an infected patient, says her employer was negligent
The $250,000 race car was spotted on the side of a quiet stretch of road in Georgia, nearly 50 miles from where it was stolen. Jason Aubry reports for WGCL-TV.
Thieves apparently dumped the No. 44 $250,000 race car on a rural stretch of Georgia road where no one could see them unloading it
Snow, ice and cold continue from Colorado to New England; Boston poised to break 20-year-old winter snowfall record
The latest on the Department of Homeland Security funding, U.S.-Israel relations, and a panel on politics with House Speaker John Boehner, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and 2016 Republican candidate Mike Huckabee.
"I have baseball in my blood," said the "Cuban Comet," who broke into majors two years after Jackie Robinson; All-Star played in Cleveland, Chicago, Washington

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Miss the second half of the show? The latest in the discussion on U.S.-Israel relations.
Comedy show pokes fun at joining Islamic extremist group with a dad-daughter sketch that some say is in bad taste

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