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Dire predictions of two feet of snow in New York City turned out to be way off. Jim Axelrod reports on how meteorologists guessed so wrong.
A jury in Nashville convicted Cory Batey and Brandon Vandenburg, two former Vanderbilt University football players, in just three hours. The defense argued that the men were too drunk to know what they were doing and blamed college culture. Gayle King reports.
Jordan-ISIS deal imminent?; New England facing bitter cold post-blizzard; robots looking inside volcanoes
Allenby insists that he was drugged, kidnapped and beaten in Honolulu earlier in January, despite potential holes in his story. Vladimir Duthiers reports.
Meteorologist Megan Glaros of Chicago station WBBM is tracking the latest forecast.
Millions of people in New England are digging out of one of the worst winter storms in history, with some towns receiveing up to three feet of snow. The blizzard is blamed for at least three deaths. Anna Werner reports from Boston.
Flooding is a major problem for many coastal areas of Massachusetts, and the National Guard had to rescue some people from the dangerous conditions. More than 5,000 people remain without power. Kris Van Cleave reports from Marshfield, Massachusetts.
Dinner Lab, a relative newcomer to the food industry, creates an appetite for culinary change with eateries nationwide
DroneShield makes system that could make up for shortcomings in FAA guidelines
Nine civil rights activists dubbed the "Friendship 9" are preparing for a new day in court decades after their sit-in in South Carolina

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