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amy rea Amy ReaAmy Rea is a freelance writer and author of Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes: an Explorer’s Guide (Countryman Press, 2008), as well as the upcoming Backroads & Byways of Minnesota (Countryman Press, spring 2011).

She grew up in northern Minnesota, attended the University of Minnesota, and bounced around various careers including managing a maternity store and working as a travel agent before settling into her writing career.

She’s married with two teenage boys and two rather poorly trained dogs.

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Wander Minnesota: Kaleidoscopes At The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

The programming and exhibition folks at the University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum always have something fun up their sleeve.


Wander Minnesota: The Wondrous, Horrible World Of Guillermo del Toro

There are numerous homages to artists who influenced del Toro, including—of course—Alfred Hitchcock, Edgar Allan Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft.


Wander Minnesota: From Western Front to Homefront

Starting April 8, the Minnesota Historical Society will have WWI America, an exhibit that looks at the Great War from numerous angles.


Wander Minnesota: The Minnesota State Capitol Building

The Minnesota State Capitol, designed by Cass Gilbert, first opened in 1905. Since that time, millions of people – lawmakers and visitors – have poured through its doors. Over a hundred years after its opening, it was (not surprisingly) badly in need of restoration.


Wander Minnesota: February Festivals

Layer up, people—there’s a lot going on around the state in the short month of February. Note: the list doesn’t include the large number of Polar Plunges—or, in Wabasha, the Grumpy Old Men Plunge—occurring around the state this month. As for Valentine’s, we’ve already got you covered.


Wander Minnesota: Rethinking Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a little more than two weeks away. Are you ready?


Wander Minnesota: Twin Cities Women’s Choir Celebrates 20 Years

Minnesota is home to a rich music and arts scene. In early February, one of those stellar arts groups celebrates its 20th anniversary: the Twin Cities Women’s Choir.


Wander Minnesota: Reasons To Leave The House In January

The festival-heavy month of December is behind us. But, Minnesotans are hearty creatures and that means there’s still plenty to do this month, including a variety of outdoor activities. So, time to layer up and wander Minnesota!


Wander Minnesota: Ways To Ring In 2017

2016 has certainly been a wild ride, and many people are looking forward to seeing it out the door. Here are some ways to celebrate the arrival of 2017.


Wander Minnesota: Holiday Happenings in December, Part 4

It’s nearly Christmas, but don’t worry, there are still events occurring before the holiday weekend arrives.


Wander Minnesota: Holiday Happenings In December, Week 3

We’re coming down the holiday home stretch, but there’s still plenty to do.


Wander Minnesota: Holiday Happenings in December (Week 2)

The holiday jollity continues for this weekend.


Wander Minnesota: Holiday Happenings (Nov. 28 – Dec. 4)

The month of December is an exceptionally busy one for this festival-fond state. So this installment of Wander Minnesota will include events through Sunday, Dec. 4. Events are listed chronologically.


Wander Minnesota: Planning The Post-Turkey Weekend

You’ve slept off the turkey, you’re not interested in battling crowds on Black Friday, but you have free time and possibly family and friends to entertain. What is there to do this weekend? Plenty.


Wander Minnesota: Thanksgiving Feasts

If you don’t feel like cooking this Thanksgiving there are plenty of options for where to go. But, be sure to make reservations as soon as possible!


Wander Minnesota: Election Night Events In The Twin Cities

It’s been a long haul to get here, but next Tuesday is (finally) Election Day.


Wander Minnesota: Kicking Off The Holiday Festival Season

Happy Halloween! And get ready—it’s time to kick off the holiday festival season. What November’s list doesn’t reflect is the vast number of tree lighting, welcome to winter, get ready for the holidays festivals and craft fairs. Check your local community chamber for local information. Don’t forget to check the Minnesota Historical Society’s event page; they’ve always got something interesting going on.


Wander Minnesota: Pumpkin Nights

There’s a new event that just opened, taking advantage of the now-empty Minnesota State Fairgrounds: Pumpkin Nights.


Wander Minnesota: Halloween On The Way

Halloween is almost here, and there’s plenty going on. Let’s take a look at a sampling of Halloween events around the state.


Wander Minnesota: Touring Paisley Park

Paisley Park opened (briefly) as a museum Thursday. If you have the opportunity to go — do it.


Wander Minnesota: Autumn Festivities

Fall foliage, apples and pumpkins, Halloween—the weather is changing, and so is the nature of the festivals. There’s a lot happening around the state in October.


Wander Minnesota: Dining Near the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is set to take place at the Hazletine National Golf Clubin Chaska starting this week in Chaska. If you’re heading out to watch some or all of it, here are some suggestions for places to eat in the surrounding area that won’t involve national chains.


Wander Minnesota: #CreateJoy

Some community members took Patty Wetterling’s statement straight to heart and created #CreateJoy Day, which will take place on Oct. 1.


Wander Minnesota: September Festivities

Just because the Fair is over, Labor Day has passed, and kids are back to school doesn’t mean Minnesota has shut down for winter.


Wander Minnesota: State Fair, The Miracle of Birth

One of the Minnesota State Fair’s newer attractions is the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.




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