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Bill Hudson has been with WCCO-TV since 1989. The native of Elk River, Minn., says Channel 4 is the station he grew up with and aspired to work for. He is one of seven children, including two other brothers with careers in broadcasting.
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Joined WCCO: 1989
Hometown: Elk River, Minnesota
Alma Mater: St. Cloud State University

Music: Bluegrass, classic country, Sinatra
Movie: Saving Private Ryan & Unbranded
TV Show: Seinfeld
Book: John Plaster, Sog: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam
Food: Italian
Hidden MN Gem: Outing
Sport/Exercise: Ice Hockey

Bill Hudson has been with WCCO-TV since 1989. The native of Elk River, Minn., says Channel 4 is the station he grew up with and aspired to work for.

“Dave Moore set the standard for all of us. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to work with one of the greatest!”

He is one of seven children, including two other brothers with careers in broadcasting. Jon does radio in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Rob spent a long career doing television sports and news in Madison, Wisconsin and Grand Forks. He was also host of Showcase Minnesota. Must have been in the Uppertown water.

After spending stints reporting the news in Eau Claire and Milwaukee, Bill brought his skills to WCCO-TV as a general assignment reporter. In his many years with the station he’s covered a wide range of stories, including the Sioux City airline disaster, Hurricane Andrew, California Wildfires, the Waco siege and troops returning from Saudi Arabia following Desert Storm.

In addition, Bill has reported extensively on Minnesota’s contributions to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He accompanied the Minnesota National Guard to Panama and Honduras to cover stories involving anti-drug measures in Central America and nation building projects. In December 2003 he visited Minnesota National Guard soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

Bill is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys being at the end of a fly rod or canoe paddle! He also likes to spend time in his wife Julie’s flower gardens doing the “heavy lifting!”

Bill and Julie have two grown daughters. His advice to all young parents is to enjoy every possible moment with your kids. Says Bill, “it’s diapers to diamonds in a heartbeat.”

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The telemarketing company the charity used to solicit donations is being sued for its unlawful tactics.



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With the busiest months for air travel just days away, concern is growing over long lines and delays at airport security checkpoints. So, to help ease congestion and speed the screening process, Delta is giving the TSA a hand.


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Nonprofit Transforms Bedrooms Of Sick Children

Children battling cancer have a new angel in their corner, helping bring smiles to their faces.


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Dash Cam Video Shows Officer’s Struggle For His Life

Video from a squad car showing a vicious attack on a Brooklyn Park police officer last November is now public.


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Heated Opinions In Mpls. Paid Sick Leave Hearing

Four in 10 Minneapolis workers don’t have the benefit of paid sick time, but an ordinance now being debated in city hall could soon change that.


(credit: CBS)

2 Armstrong Students Hurt In Crash During ‘Nerf Wars’ Game

Police say two teens were hurt in a crash in New Hope Monday night during a “Nerf Wars” game.


(credit: CBS)

Fire Investigators Advise Caution When Discarding Cigarettes

Fire investigators are issuing a stern warning Monday after a number of serious deck and porch fires around the metro.


(credit: CBS)

‘Flush Target’: Anti-Target Campaign Hits The Road Opposing Bathroom Policy

A new campaign hits the road to protest Target’s transgender bathroom and fitting room policy. This comes as the Minnesota-based company continues to reaffirm its commitment to equality and equity.


(credit: CBS)

Statewide Fishing Opener Starts With Shiners And Leeches

An estimated 500,000 anglers will hit Minnesota’s highways this weekend and head to their favorite open water spot.


(credit: CBS)

Police: Gopher Basketball Player Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman, 19

University of Minnesota basketball player Reggie Lynch is still in custody at the Hennepin County Jail on Monday and is facing accusations of sexual assault.


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Officials Dispute Reports Of Prince’s Toxicology Results

Those closest to Prince’s autopsy are angered by reports claiming the powerful painkiller, Percocet was found in his blood stream.


(credit: CBS)

Suboxone Helping Minnesota Opioid Addicts Kick The Habit

It was intense back pain as the result of a traffic accident that put young mother Wendy Leffler on the opioid train. But what began as a way to manage her pain suddenly took control of her life.


(credit: CBS)

How To Make Sure Your Smoke Alarm Is Keeping You Safe

Unless you’ve burned dinner recently, you likely haven’t given your smoke detectors a second thought.


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Students Of Defunct Anthem College Could Get Debt Relief

Anthem College, formerly called High Tech Institute, would enroll hundreds of students each year.


(credit: CBS)

Mega Church Expanding In Former Anoka Kmart Building

The fastest growing church in the Twin Cities is about to get even larger.


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Blue Herons Making A Big Comeback On Lake Peltier

At one time, Anoka County’s Lake Peltier was home to the second largest blue heron nesting spot in the Twin Cities.


(credit: Phil Mislinski/Getty Images)

Convicted Felons Get Cases Reviewed For DNA, Possible Exoneration

Of all more than 14,000 convictions dating back to the early 1980’s, only 21 defendants agreed to further DNA testing.


(credit: Hennepin County)

Minnetonka Mail Carrier Arrested For Driving Drunk

Police in Minnetonka credit an alert motorist for putting them onto a suspected drunk driver last Friday.


(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Target Faces Boycott Over Restroom Policy

A Mississippi-based Christian group is taking aim at the Target Corporation for the company’s restroom policy. Now, that policy is coming under fire by the American Family Association



‘Purple Rain’ Left Lasting Impact On Music, Culture

Thirty-two years ago, Prince and the Revolution first recorded the song that would propel him into rock and roll history. “Purple Rain” was later made into a major motion picture and gave Prince his first and only Academy Award for Best Original Song Score.


(credit: CBS)

Coach Torchetti Making Wild Fans Of His Boston Family

There’s no question that half the fun of being in the quest for the Stanley Cup is sharing it with friends and family.


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Rural East Bethel Facing Development Dilemma

It’s a dilemma that traps rural communities in an ever-increasing struggle: how to attract industry while keeping the attributes its residents love.


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Mille Lacs Study Aims To Find Source Of Walleye Decline

Research is now underway to help solve the perplexing mystery of what’s happening to the walleye fishery on Lake Mille Lacs.


(credit: CBS)

Franken To Lawmakers: Act Now On SWLRT Or Lose Federal Funding

Sen. Al Franken has a stern warning for Minnesota lawmakers – act by the end of the legislative session in May or risk losing out on $895 million in federal transportation funding.


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Brisk Housing Sales Putting Pressure On Twin Cities Sellers

If you’re in the market for a starter home — something in the $150,000 to $250,000 price range — be prepared for some competition.




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