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Esme Murphy, a reporter and Sunday morning anchor for WCCO-TV, has been a member of the WCCO-TV staff since December 1990. She is also a weekend talk show host on WCCO Radio. Born and raised in New York City, Esme ventured into reporting after graduating from Harvard University.
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Joined WCCO: 1990
Hometown: New York, New York
Alma Mater: Harvard University

Music: I love all music
Movie: The Sound of Music
TV Show: 60 Minutes
Book: Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms
Food: Lobster
Local Restaurant: Wakame
Hidden MN Gem: Cedar Lake, Minneapolis
Sport/Exercise: Hockey
Historical Figure: Abraham Lincoln
Famous Minnesotan: Hubert Humphrey
Quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana
Word: Relentless
Vacation Spot: New York City
Holiday: Christmas
Planet: Earth

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones
Comedy or Tearjerker? Comedy
Phone Call or Text Message? text
Mac or PC? PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Morning
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Trek
‘Grey Duck’ or ‘Goose’? GOOSE

Esme Murphy, a reporter and Sunday morning anchor for WCCO-TV, has been a member of the WCCO-TV staff since December 1990. She is also a weekend talk show host on WCCO Radio. Born and raised in New York City, Esme ventured into reporting after graduating from Harvard University.

She started in Chattanooga at the CBS station, then ventured across Tennessee to Memphis to work for the ABC affiliate.

She jumped when she got the big call to come to WCCO and has never looked back.

She has won numerous awards during her career, including Associated Press First Place Awards for non-spot news reporting, feature reporting and investigative reporting.

In her spare time Esme often finds herself in the role of hockey mother of two.

Esme’s husband, David Klopp, is the owner of a chain of furniture stores in the Twin Cities called Sofas and Chairs. Esme has even been known to deliver a sofa or two. (It’s a small business.)

Esme loves her job and her family and if it weren’t for her job she wouldn’t have a family. That’s right — Esme met her husband when she interviewed him. David was working with a community group to help create the Cedar Lake Bicycle Trail. There were plans to turn the rail corridor into a condo development. David likes to say he not only got the bike trail — he got the girl!

Esme has a wonderful husband and family. The Twin Cities and WCCO are definitely home.

In 2012, Esme was named ‘Best AM Radio Show Host in the Twin Cities’ by the City Pages.

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One of the issues threatening to derail any budget deal is a fight over vegetative buffers.


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President Donald Trump says a special prosecutor for an investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election hurts our country.


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Now as part of a partnership with Open Arms, Meals on Wheels is making its own food.


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The search warrants released Monday in connection to Prince’s death say that when investigators searched Paisley Park they found opioids hidden in over-the-counter medication bottles.


Talking Points: Prince’s Death & The Opioid Epidemic

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Twin Cities lakes and rivers face a pollution threat that could wipe out fish and other aquatic life by 2050.




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