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Gordy Leach graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1974 with a degree in broadcast journalism, and has worked at WCCO-TV since 1980.

He shoots and edits news video, and also writes new stories. He is a member of both the photographer and reporter unions.

Gordy also schedules service and maintenance for more than 30 news vehicles, based on his life-long experience as a car nut. His father was an auto mechanic.

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Boy Gifted Rare ‘Southpaw’ Violin

A Minneapolis fifth grader got a new and altogether rare violin Wednesday.


Hot tub Wish 1

Make-A-Wish Gives Boy His Hot Tub Dream

A 4-year-old Robbinsdale boy has a disease that keeps him from a lot of things other boys his age can do. But Antonio Eric Lewis’ parents learned recently that he would rather sit in a hot tub than his wheelchair.


Imunization forum 1

Measles Cases Prompt Talk Of Vaccines

There have been 23 confirmed cases of measles in Minnesota so far this year. The patients range in age from 4 months to 51 years old. Of those cases, nine of the people who could have had the shot have not been vaccinated.


(credit: CBS)

Used Cars Value Rising — Along With Gas Prices

As the price of gas rises, so does the demand for a fuel efficient vehicle.


In the Beginning_Indy500

Gordy’s Garage: Indy 500 Art

Here’s an interesting tidbit that arrived in the “In Box” here at The Garage this week: Artist David Uhl, who has done A LOT of illustration work for Harley Davidson, has created a painting that will serve as one of the Centennial Indy 500 program covers. The 100th running of this all-American auto race is scheduled for Sunday, May 29, 2011.


(credit: CBS)

Hopkins Demolishes Buildings, Makes Room For Park

It doesn’t happen very often that buildings are demolished to make way for a park. But that is just what is going on in Hopkins at Blake Road and Lake Street.


(credit: CBS)

Target Field Touch-Ups Before Game Day

If you’re tired of looking at dirty snow, feast your eyes on the green grass of Target Field. Thanks to in-ground heating and the work of a dedicated grounds crew, this turf beat the tough winter.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Fun With Fiat

By Gordy Leach, WCCO Italy has an auto industry and Italian cars are imported to America. Ferrari and Lamborghini come to mind. But I’ve been driving around Minnesota for 40 years, and I’ve only seen […]


A car drives through flood waters. (credit: Ashley Sybesma)

Gordy’s Garage: Buy Now, Drive Carefully

You have, no doubt, heard there will be some flooding around here in the very near future. Two things come to mind here in The Garage as the snow melt begins.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: 3M Will Charge You

Usually being charged is kind of negative: You are being assessed a fee, accused of a crime and perhaps people or animals are running at you to attack. However, not so with the Charge Point electric vehicle charging station recently installed at 3M’s corporate HQ in Maplewood.


(credit: CBS)

Small Minn. Town Loses Iconic Library To Fire

A small town west of the Twin Cities lost its main street icon Thursday.


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Gordy’s Garage: Guest Blog From Gordy’s Shadow

We spend a lot of time here in The Garage making sure our cars and trucks are running right and not driving us crazy with mechanical gremlins.


(credit: CBS)

Minnesota Wild Holds Fantasy Camp For Hardcore Fans

If you love Minnesota Wild Hockey, have $845 and a day off, you could be a Wild Fantasy Camper.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Major Changes

Ed from Elk River came by The Garage the other day with three questions: “When did automobile companies move the starter off the floor? When was the starter moved from the dash to the key start on the steering column? When was the dimmer switch moved from the floor to the steering column?”


gordys garage, blog

Gordy’s Garage: Cold Fluid And Warm Batteries

Rachel visited The Garage recently with a windshield washer problem in her Toyota. It seems when it is really cold out (there is a lot of that around here lately) the washers won’t wash because the nozzles won’t squirt.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Traction Controls

Does your car have traction control? If your answer is “I don’t know” then it is time to get out the owner’s manual.


gordy's garage

Gordy’s Garage: Balance And Pressure

We set a record last month for the snowiest December in Minnesota. For a couple of days after the blizzard of Dec. 11, several people here at WCCO asked me about vibrations that seemed to be coming from the wheels of their company cars.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Another Second Opinion

The value of getting a second opinion about expensive car repairs has been mentioned more than once in this space. One of my WCCO-TV coworkers recently shared the story of his $1300 repair that — because he didn’t just blindly accept that figure — turned out to be much, much less.


(credit: Jupiter Images)

Gordy’s Garage: Snow Stuff

It sounds like the next couple of days could be pretty snowy around here. Naturally we will go out driving in the storm, because that is what we do. But here are a few things I like to have along in the vehicle in weather like this.


At a Minneapolis store called Moss Envy, green gifts are everywhere, like these teddy bears. (credit: CBS)

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas From Minnesota Companies

Minnesota 2020, a St. Paul think-tank, wants you to consider green gifts this holiday season. They have released a report saying sustainable, locally-made goods are best for the state’s economy and environment.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: That’s a Wrap

Anyone who has a car should appreciate being able to go WHERE they want WHEN they want. But some people should be extra thankful, because they get to go WHERE they want WHEN they want in STYLE.


Tree On Car

Gordy’s Garage: Selling Service, Preparing For Winter

Last weekend’s snow may be the reminder we all need to make sure our vehicles are up to the winter weather ahead.


MacPherson Strut (credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: MacPherson Strut Replacement

Lonna came by The Garage recently “because I’ve received three significantly different quotes for struts and rear shocks in my 2002 Acura MDX.”


garage blog

Gordy’s Garage: Off The Road Again

If you own a high-mileage vehicle, you may someday be faced with having an engine changed. It is not common, but it does happen.


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Gordy’s Garage: Odd Vehicles

We’ve had a few visitors at The Garage lately who have “dropped off” some unique and interesting rides.