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John Lauritsen is an Emmy award-winning reporter from Montevideo, Minn. He joined WCCO-TV in late-July of 2007. Two days after he started, the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed. Before his television career, John grew up on a farm near Milan, Minnesota and graduated from Montevideo Senior High School. He received a Master’s Degree in mass communications from St. Cloud State University.
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Joined WCCO: 2007
Hometown: Milan/Montevideo, Minnesota
Alma Mater: St. Cloud State University

Music: Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Sting, country music
Movie: Four-way tie: Point Break, Gangs of New York, The Town, and Heat
TV Show: The Office
Book: Richard Adams, Watership Down
Food: Thai
Local Restaurant: The Lotus
Hidden MN Gem: Big Bend Township
Sport/Exercise: Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Biking … I love going to the gym
Historical Figure: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Favorite Minnesotan: Bob Dylan
Quote: “Without the voice of reason, every faith is its own curse.” — Sting
Vacation Spot: Cambria, California
Holiday: Christmas/Easter
Planet: Pluto (you can’t lose your planet status once you’ve earned it)

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones
Comedy or Tearjerker? Comedy
Phone Call or Text Message? Phone Call
Mac or PC? PC
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Paper or Plastic? Plastic
Morning Person or Night Person? Night
East Coast vs. West Coast? West
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars
‘Grey Duck’ or ‘Goose’? Grey Duck

John Lauritsen is an Emmy award-winning reporter from Montevideo, Minn. He joined WCCO-TV in late-July of 2007. Two days after he started, the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed.

Before his television career, John grew up on a farm near Milan, Minnesota and graduated from Montevideo Senior High School. He received a Master’s Degree in mass communications from St. Cloud State University, and has also taught a class there as well. He credits growing up on a farm and going to school in a small town with helping him become the reporter he is today.

He began his career at KSAX-TV in Alexandria, Minn., before moving to Waterloo, Iowa, where he worked for KWWL-TV. John also worked at Channel 12 in Brooklyn Park, Minn., before coming to WCCO-TV. He has been a reporter, anchor, sports reporter, sports anchor, editor, producer, and photographer during his television career.

During his time at WCCO-TV, John has covered a variety of stories. He has reported on everything from floods to tornadoes to blizzards that have dumped nearly two feet of snow on Minnesota. You can also find John covering a crime story, a fire, a human interest story, or a sporting event.

John’s favorite stories are those that highlight a special moment in someone’s life. In 2008, he reported on a soldier who came home from Iraq and surprised his daughter at her volleyball game.

And though he isn’t a fan of snakes, John reported on Minnesota’s only poisonous snake population in southeastern Minnesota and he managed not to get bit in the process.

When he’s not reporting, John can be found at the gym or playing in one of three volleyball leagues that keep him busy year-round. He also plays in a football league in the fall and is an active tennis player.

In 2009, he ran the Twin Cities Marathon for the first time. He has also tried surfing, skydiving and rock climbing, and is an avid reader whenever he can find time to sit down.

John lives in Maple Grove with his wife, Jessica, and children, Harlow and Bo.

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