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jordana green 4 Jordana GreenJordana Green has spent her career bringing you the news, and more recently the weather. She started her career as a field producer at FOX-5 in NYC, then as the medical reporter at WBRE-TV, Wiles-Barre, PA. She moved to the Midwest to launch the morning show at FOX-59 in Indianapolis. Then Minnesota called, and Jordana answered by anchoring FOX-29’s primary newscast while earning an Emmy for on-camera excellence.

Before coming to WCCO, Jordana helped launch WeatherNation TV in Excelsior, MN. She is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Jordana resides in Minnesota with her three children.

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Jordana’s Blog: Compliment Away!

“Don’t waste a compliment on yourself.” A guest on my show, Stephen Blair Venable, said this on the air Thursday night.

8 hours ago

(credit: Jordana Green)

Jordana’s Blog: Sparkle On, Gram!

My Grammy is still alive, thank G-d. She’s 96. Gram has the best jewelry. She’s had two generous husbands, held a job most of her life, has traveled all over the world and taught me the meaning of an “important” piece. (A high-value piece of jewelry in weight and quality.)


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Jordana’s Blog: Never As Good

My mother is a good cook. Me, not so much. I don’t like cooking, it’s not my thing. I do it to keep my children alive. When people say they like to cook, I secretly think they just say that because of the praise they get when someone compliments them on their cooking.


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Jordana’s Blog: Yoga Trumps Mom-Of-The-Year Award

I thought I was home free. I just dropped the kids at school, I was heading to the grocery store and then to yoga (my one hour of total me time all week). Then I get a call from the school.


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Jordana’s Blog: Out Of The Closet

I love closet switch day. It’s the day all the winter stuff comes out of your closet and your summer stuff goes in. I wish I did this for my actual clothes, too. But then it would become closet switch week because I’m not that organized.


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Jordana’s Blog: Scary Blog

Last night/morning the doorbell rang at 3:03 am. I figured I was dreaming and tried to go back to sleep. Then it rang again.


(credit: Jordana Green)

Jordana’s Blog: The Women’s League For Conservative Judaism

On Monday I spoke at the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism’s Spring Conference. At least 100 women from Winnipeg to Texas, leaders in their respective temples, were there to learn more about how to build stronger communities.


tractor, wheel, farm, dirt, generic

Jordana’s Blog: Heavy Machinery

You’re along for the ride of my landscape project this spring. We just renovated our house and all we have is dirt outside.


(credit: Jordana Green)

Jordana’s Blog: Final Four Here We Come!

At Syracuse University, we traveled to bowl games (Fiesta and Hall of Fame), NCAA games and even to Middle Tennessee State University for cheerleading camp.


(credit: Jordana Green)

Jordana’s Blog: Mother Of The Year

I opened the trunk of my minivan and there it was. The gallon of milk I bought Sunday … it was now Thursday. I sighed, looked at the date, tried to remember what the weather has been like since Sunday and then put the milk in the fridge.


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Jordana’s Blog: Purim & The Nature Of Hidden Miracles

At sundown tonight Purim begins, it’s a Jewish holiday. Like most Jewish holidays it commemorates a time where a bad person tried to kill the Jews, we survived and now we eat. Purim is like that, but it also teaches a life lesson quite relevant today.


(credit: CBS)

The Price Of Beauty

We sit with chemicals on our hair, we suffer through hot wax slathered on our unmentionables, we curse out loud while lasers zap our legs, and welcome toxins injected into our faces.


jordana spring projects

Jordana’s Blog: Spring Projects

We are doing some major landscape projects this spring and I have been counting the seconds until we can start.


(credit: CBS)

3rd Grade Book Club

At this gathering of 8-year-old girls, the girls actually discussed the book. It was adorable and amazing to see them analyze the 76 pages of Stephen Manes ‘Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days!’


(credit: Jordana Green)

Dancing At The Office!

Do you dance at work? You should. Yes, you will look foolish, maybe on the edge of inappropriate, but you and anyone who sees you will smile.


(credit: CBS)

Social Media & Teenage Girls

One of the guests on my show last night was Nancy Jo Sales, she is the author of “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers.” It was chilling.


(credit: Jordana Green)

Mummies At The Science Museum!

My youngest, Ruby, and I went to the Mummy Exhibit at the Science Museum this weekend. It was good; real mummies, interesting explanations, gross looking bones — the exhibit had everything.


(credit: Jordana Green)

Jordana’s Blog: A Brand New Car!

A brand new car is a luxury. My dad never bought a new car, he always drove used. “A better value,” he’d say. He’s probably right. But I like new cars.


(credit: Jordana Green)

Sick Day!

Remember sick days from school? They were awesome. You may have felt awful, but the idea of staying home alone, eating soup and watching “The Price Is Right” was the best!


(credit: CBS)

Did I Leave The Oven On Or Did You?

“Mom, can we use the oven?” That was the last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep Sunday afternoon. I’m pretty sure I didn’t answer because the answer would have been, “No.”


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The Cure Of IRSphobia

I am afraid of the IRS. It’s irrational as I always file early and usually get a refund. But I get that knot in my stomach every year thinking about what could go wrong this time.


(credit: CBS)

Is She Gonna Blow?

I know it’s absolutely insane that I keep a toy in the house that may (or may not) spontaneously combust at any time. I’ve wrestled with this. But the kids made a compelling case.


(credit: CBS)

Not Naive … Optimistic

Have you ever gotten sucked in to buying one of those As-Seen-On-TV products? Maybe you resisted the late night ad but then you saw it at Walgreens for only $9.99 you caved. Guilty.


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Jordana’s Blog: What Are You Selling?

Are you working on your pitch? You know, the one you’ll repeat at every holiday gathering in the next few weeks. It’ll sound like an elevator pitch at your company party, it’ll sound like a sales pitch at your friend’s company party, and it’ll sound like a defense argument at your family holiday party.



Jordana’s Blog: I Love It When I’m Wrong

My favorite yoga class was canceled a few weeks ago, so after boycotting the new class that replaced it for a while, (my silent protest that hurt no one but me) I decided it was time to try the new teacher. After all, it wasn’t his fault the other class was canceled.



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