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At 15 years old, Liz Collin made her broadcast debut covering a tornado that touched down in southwest Minnesota. It was her first night on the job at KWOA and KO95. Since those radio days in her hometown of Worthington, Minnesota, she’s held producing, investigative reporting and anchoring positions at TV stations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Wichita, Kansas; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Miami, Florida.
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Joined WCCO: 2008
Hometown: Worthington, Minnesota
Alma Mater: Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale/Wichita State University

Music: Country
Movie: Good Night, and Good Luck.
TV Show: WCCO 4 News (Brownie points?)
Book: Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried
Food: Chicken wings
Local Restaurant: Pizzeria Lola (not for their chicken wings)
Hidden MN Gem: Park Point Beach in Duluth
Sport/Exercise: Yoga
Historical Figure: Does Don Shelby count?
Favorite Minnesotan: Sweet Martha (a.k.a. Martha Olson)
Quote: “The news is not about the newscaster it’s about the people who make it.” — Bob Schieffer
Word: Laugh
Vacation Spot: Okoboji, Iowa
Holiday: Christmas
Planet: Earth, I see no reason to leave

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles
Comedy or Tearjerker? Tearjerker
Phone Call or Text Message? Phone Call
Mac or PC? Mac
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Night
East Coast or West Coast? West
Star Trek or Star Wars? Any other choices?
‘Grey Duck’ or ‘Goose’? Grey Duck

Liz Collin made her broadcast debut covering a tornado that touched down in southwest Minnesota. She was in high school and it wasn’t pretty. It was her first night on the job at KWOA and KO95.

Since those radio days in her hometown of Worthington, Minnesota, she’s held producing, investigative reporting and anchoring positions at TV stations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Wichita, Kansas; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Miami, Florida.

Liz’s stories at WCCO have helped shape Minnesota public policy in the areas of public safety and fiscal oversight. Daycare centers must now have more trained CPR staff following her series about a little girl who choked to death at a Mankato daycare. Liz exposed the center and the state lacked adequate CPR requirements. Minneapolis added more 911 dispatchers after her series of stories highlighting wait times as long as 3 minutes, contributing to at least one death. Her reporting also exposed a loophole in state law that led to underfunding of electrical inspections statewide, leaving Minnesotans vulnerable to fire fatalities.

Liz says telling stories about the issues that help move Minnesota and its residents forward matter most.

Liz has also made a mark in other news markets. The Bob Dole Veteran’s Hospital in Kansas implemented several policy changes after her reporting revealed lax nursing procedures endangering veteran’s health. A military school brought in new leadership after she uncovered long-term hazing of younger cadets. Pennsylvania’s child welfare system introduced new policies when her reports showed a lack of due diligence in child abuse reports.

Her recognitions include Emmy awards, Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, an Education Writers Association award and Associated Press awards.

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Dr. John Woodman (credit: CBS)

Veterinarian Suspended Again After Botched Treatment

A WCCO Investigation first exposed questionable care by a Minnesota veterinarian after burning a dog so badly it died. Now that vet’s license is suspended due to another care complaint.


(credit: CBS)

Minn. Camp Fosters ‘Strong, Spirited’ Young Women

Summer is camp season, and there is a long list for kids to choose from — whether it is for a sport, horseback riding or hiking. But in northern Minnesota, they are focused on self-esteem.


(credit: CBS)

Photo Exhibit Highlights St. Paul’s ‘Invisible People’

A Twin Cities photographer hopes his pictures start a different kind of conversation about an often hidden population. Chris LaFontaine visited St. Paul’s bridges and river bluffs to see for himself how the homeless live.


(credit: CBS)

Minneapolis Could Take Abandoned Home From TV Star Nicole Curtis

Minneapolis may take back an abandoned house after city leaders say a reality TV star failed to fix it up.


(credit: CBS)

No Felony Charges For Driver In St. Paul’s 1st Pedestrian Death Of The Year

Police consider it an epidemic in St. Paul, with 75 pedestrians struck by cars so far this year, but charging the drivers for doing anything wrong is a challenge.


(credit: CBS)

Skiplagged Website Claims To Find Cheap Airfare With ‘Hidden City Ticketing’

If you’ve been watching airfare to get the best price on your summer vacation plans, travel experts say there is a website you need to try.


(credit: CBS)

Good Question: How Do Viruses Make Our Smartphones Sick?

Smartphones connect us to family and friends and hold personal information hackers want to get their hands on. So, how do viruses make our smartphones sick? Good Question.


(credit: CBS)

Staffing Changes At St. Paul FD Could Mean Longer Response Times

The heat usually adds up to more medical calls for first responders. Some St. Paul firefighters say staffing changes could mean it will take them longer to get there.


(left to right): Beverly Burrell, Nick Petrick and Luke Ronnie
(credit: CBS)

Forged Bond Gets Drug Murder Suspect Out Of Jail

A woman charged with murder is back behind bars after she was let out of jail with a forged bond. Beverly Burrell is charged in the overdose deaths of Nick Petrick and Luke Ronnei.


(credit: CBS)

Thieves Cashing In On Public Storage’s Lack Of Security

A company that promises reliable storage of belongings has been broken into more than a dozen times in recent months.


(credit: CBS)

1 Dead In St. Paul Officer-Involved Shooting

A man is dead after an officer-involved shooting Thursday afternoon in east St. Paul. Police say the fatal shooting happened at about 2:15 p.m. on the 2100 block of Minnehaha Avenue East in the Eastern Hazel Park neighborhood.


(credit: CBS)

Conjoined Sisters Celebrate 10 Years Apart

Minnesota doctors called them miracle babies, twins joined at their chest at birth. This month, the Carlsen twins are celebrating 10 years of living their own lives.


Colleen Ronnei (credit: CBS)

Minn. Mother Warned Police About Woman Charged For Heroin Death

Beverly Burrell is charged with third degree murder in the death of 29-year-old Nick Petrick. But one mother believes Burrell should have been behind bars months ago after the information she passed on to police.


(credit: CBS)

40 Years Later, New Suspect Identified In Kimball Bombing

Friday marks 40 years since a bomb rocked a small Minnesota town and took the life of the assistant postmaster. No arrest has ever been made in the case.


(credit: CBS)

Too Many Young Lives: The Heroin Addiction Epidemic

Law enforcement has found the people most affected by heroin addiction in the Twin Cities are affluent 15 to 25-year-olds with good family structure and a support system.


(credit: CBS)

WCCO Investigation: New Mold Concerns At Jordan Elementary School

A WCCO Investigation found new concerns about an old mold problem inside a Minnesota elementary school.


(credit: CBS)

Animal Humane Society Helps Severely Neglected Dog Start New Life

Animal rescue crews consider it one of the worst neglect cases they’ve ever seen. A dog half the weight she should be left in an abandoned property without food or water.


(credit: CBS)

Managing Expectations: One Family’s Struggle With Alzheimer’s

For more than a year, WCCO has been documenting one family’s fight against Alzheimer’s disease.


(credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Trust Company To Temporarily Manage Prince’s Estate

A judge gave the green light Wednesday for Prince’s sister to move forward to protect the singer’s assets.


(credit: CBS)

Minnesota Marine Hopefuls Set For Mini Boot Camp

All week long, families across Minnesota have been able to see for themselves what life is like for a Marine. The Marine Corps is hosting mini boot camps before several young people leave this summer for the real 13-week program.


(credit: CBS)

Deadly Force: A Look At How Officers Think On The Job

Videos of police shootings are high-pressure moments dissected by both prosecutors and the public. Now, a role-playing exercise aims to help community members better understand the difficult decisions police officers can face on a call.


(credit: CBS)

North Minneapolis Residents Brace For Decision On Jamar Clark Shooting Charges

A decision on whether to charge two Minneapolis police officers in Jamar Clark’s shooting death is expected any day now. The neighborhood that became the center of protests last fall is already bracing for that announcement.


(credit: CBS)

Deadly Use Of Force By Police Under Fire

Any day now, we should learn whether two Minneapolis police officers will face charges in Jamar Clark’s death. Witnesses said the 24-year-old was handcuffed when police shot him last fall. The shooting sparked weeks of protest.


(credit: CBS)

St. Paul Families Keep St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Alive

It is a tradition when you are from St. Paul; getting your family together to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. “We are one of the bigger communities in the United States,” Katie Martin, from the St. Patrick’s Association, said.


David Couper (credit: CBS)

Police Chief-Turned Pastor Driven To Reform Law Enforcement

An analysis by the Washington Post found police killed nearly 1,000 civilians last year. That included the shooting of Jamar Clark in north Minneapolis last fall.




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