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Mike Augustyniak

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Director of Meteorology Mike Augustyniak was drawn to Minnesota by a love of active weather, and the opportunity to forecast for some of the most weather-savvy television viewers in the country.

Since joining the WCCO morning team in 2008, he’s also been able to achieve a new personal record for the most cups of coffee consumed in a 10 hour period.

Mike’s interest in weather began at an early age.

“I think my curiosity about the weather was fueled by the fact that, as a little guy, I was absolutely petrified of thunderstorms!”

In time (and with the help of a book called “Hippo Thunder”), Mike outgrew his fear, deciding in eighth grade that he wanted to study meteorology in college.

“The answers I gave on a 40-question ‘interest survey’ were fed into a computer, and the computer returned several careers that I might enjoy,” Mike explained. “‘Meteorologist’ was one of the jobs the computer returned, and right then I knew it was the job for me.”

In college, Mike studied meteorology under several of the world’s leading research scientists at the University at Albany. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science, holds the AMS Television Seal of Approval, and is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

In May of 2008, Mike received his Master of Science degree in Atmospheric Science, also from the University at Albany. Findings from his master’s thesis — original research on a local terrain effect called Mohawk-Hudson Convergence — is currently in use to help meteorologists make more accurate forecasts around the region.

In addition to watching him Monday through Friday on WCCO This Morning and WCCO At Noon, you may have also seen Mike appear with Ellen DeGeneres on her nationally syndicated talk show, on the CBS Evening News, or on CBS This Morning. His work has been recognized with multiple Emmy Awards for broadcast excellence.

In his free time, Mike stays active by going to the gym, biking, rock climbing and playing with his Boston Terrier named Lola. He also enjoys traveling both around the U.S. and around the world. He has traveled extensively in the Caribbean, Spain, Morocco and Australia.

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