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steve thomson web Steve ThomsonIt was my boyhood dream to be a radio announcer at WCCO.  I can remember pretending in our little house on Maryland Avenue in St. Paul that I was Herb Carneal calling a Twins game at some distant major league stadium or Steve Cannon in the basement studio.  When I was 9-years-old we moved to the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, just across the river from the WCCO transmitter in Coon Rapids.  I would look at the tower often and wonder what it would be like to have your voice boom out across the upper-Midwest and beyond.  In the autumn of 1997 that dream became a reality when I got a tryout on a couple of weekend overnight shifts.  I’ll never forget how nervous I was that first night.  I was shaking and sweating walking down the long narrow hall to the main studio. My stomach felt like I had swallowed a cue ball.  I felt much better after getting through the weather and first interview without a major gaffe.  I thought it went pretty well that first night, I even had some people call in and they didn’t tell me to give up radio!  I guess management didn’t get too many complaints and I’ve been a part of the weekend crew ever since.  I do some fill-in in the evening during the week as well.

I owe a great deal to my family.  They’ve been so supportive of my radio career, the nights, the weekends away.  I’ve been married to the same woman since September 2, 1989.  She is a saint.  I have two great kids, one is in college now figuring out what she wants to do with her life and the other is headed that way before I know it.

I’ve said it since my first shift all those years ago, it’s an honor to work at WCCO Radio.

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