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  1. mark from Minnetonka says:

    where are the snow pics?

  2. Kelly Alghamdi Zimmerschied says:

    Ohhhhh that kid of mine! He took a picture of the work in our driveway during snow blow #1 this morning and it wound up on WCCO

  3. Pam says:

    Unbelievable!! And to think we are having record breaking heat in Arizona…70’s all weekend. Bring on the snow!!

    1. Ron says:

      same here in TX. was 76 @2pm use to live in Vermont,don’t miss the snow at all-but it does look nice!

  4. Andy says:

    This blizzard may be the only way the Vikes can beat the Giants- trap them (the Giants charter flight) at the Kansas City airport for the next 18 hours.

  5. getridofem says:

    Near record warmth in south Texas—today is is 89 as I type, going to be very nice for next 10 days or better by the sound of it—oh the pain of it all—–

    1. June blue says:

      I lived in New Orleans for a year (U.S. Navy) . I could not wait to get back to Minnesota and the crisp clean air and snow. I will take this weather any day compared to heat and humidity. June

      1. S. Graham says:

        I know exactly what you are saying, and I feel the same way!!

  6. Laurie in Minnetonka says:

    Enough Already!


  7. Sarah says:

    We have had 3 four wheel drive pickups get stuck in front of our house in town today.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Finally!!!! A real MN winter storm. I haven seen this much snow since the Halloween Blizzard! Now it feels like the holidays. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else!

  9. Patricia Slice says:

    I don’t miss it all….
    Retired in Arkansas

  10. Tom says:

    The good news…you got lots of fresh snow!
    The bad news…you have no mountains to ski on!

    Tom in the rockies

  11. Michelle Starr says:

    I grew up in White Bear Lake. I moved to Waco, TX to attend Baylor University when I graduated and never moved back. I love the warmer weather as an adult. It was great growing up in Minnesota as a kid, with the wonderful memories of snow days, tubing and ice skating on the lakes, but as an adult, I’m glad I don’t have the responsibilities that come with hard winter weather like this storm. Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy your snow! It’ll be in the 70s next week in Waco and I plan on riding my horses and enjoying the ‘winter’ weather down here!

  12. holed up in mpls says:

    Where are the plows?, can’t get out

  13. Big Blower says:

    God Bless gasoline engines! The Greens can’t stand ’em but they’ll be buried till Springtime…………….

  14. Maureen says:

    Streets in Mpls. are about the only ones not plowed. Cars stuck all over the place on the side streets. If you don’t have a huge tank of a truck or van you can’t get down the side streets. Pretty sad Mpls. when all the other suburbs can get their act together. People can’t even get out to go to work unless you get these roads plowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dearth says:

      Thank the illustrious Mayor for that one…………..he couldn’t find enough Bio Diesel to power the plows…….so here we sit!

  15. ArtFargo says:

    Not the place to post Pagan crud!

  16. Steven says:

    I used to live in Mpls for 23 years and now in Tucson at 80 and sunny! Have fun snow bunnies! hahahahahahahahaha

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