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  1. Monica says:

    WOW.. I was scared just looking at these images, lol very bold

  2. DOn_J says:

    …shouldn’t be to hard to find this dumb-ass.

  3. DeeShawnn says:

    The stupid dude is sooooo busted! Even his own mammie’ll turn him in for the reward. What a moron.

  4. Monica says:

    I was wondering, why not wear a hat at least? lol somthing, hide your forehead at least, lol

  5. Sam I am says:

    Was he desparate or job an idiot for not at least trying to cover his face.

  6. Carol says:

    This should be on American dumbest criminals…lol what a idiot he couldn’t even cover his face….what a dumb ass is right…lol

  7. CentralMN says:

    Any info about the vehicle he left in?

  8. Lee Gaylor says:

    he will be caught and i hope that he fries and to know the guard make it even worse that i want to caught him and see him fry

  9. Lee Gaylor says:

    those damn movies about how to rob an armored car

    1. MEE says:

      He must have left for a potty break when the part about concealing your identity came on….

  10. JESSICA says:


  11. Need a Lawyer? says:

    Dude turn yourself in now. Give back the money and pled insanity.

  12. Guard says:

    Rule No.1) Never turn your back on the door.
    Rule No.2) “Garda?” (Is that Spanish?why?) Quit being so F’ing cheap and put on three person crew. I driver and two guards with one pulling security.
    How do you say “Cheap” in Spanish?

    1. P.J. says:

      Cheap in Spanish is Chafa.

    2. Chelsey Little says:

      Where are you getting “Garda” it was Dunbar that got robbed NOT Garda.

  13. Romericus J Sims says:

    can we say “POSSIBLE INSIDE JOB” …on some level???

  14. Sheila says:

    They still havent caught this guy? Should we guess how much money is left? ZERO

  15. Baaa Haaa says:

    Stupid negro.

  16. CC says:

    BOLD.. Bold and dangerous.He has shaved his head and facial hair, left town hopefully back to Chicago..I wonder if He has a record..He knows SA has cameras.In desperation maybe..I feel sorry 4 him..Back to the joint

  17. Chelsey Little says:

    Dude, I would like to know what the officer was handing him…Looks more like a ‘friendly’ exchange there. What a waist. Seriously, do what the rest of us do…drag your butt out of bed, go to your job (like it or not) and learn to budget your money. I don’t want to have to pay for your sorry behind while you sit behind bars. Heck, McDonald’s isn’t the WOW WOW job, but hey at least THAT is a pay check and your WORKING for it.

    1. MNTom says:

      you are paying for him now, his baby mamma is collecting from the state to support his little cherubs i bet. also he probably voted democrat.

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