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Vikings Fall At Carolina, 31-24The Vikings had their 8-game win streak snapped in a 31-24 loss at Carolina on Sunday to fall to 10-3 on the season.
'Home For The Holidays' OrnamentsViewers are sending in ornaments to trim our tree, which will be presented to a military family living in a MAC-V transitional home.
December 4, 2017 Winter StormA winter storm swept across Minnesota Monday night that started as rain in some parts, switched over to sleet and eventually snow that made travel treacherous.
Vikings Beat Falcons, 14-9The Minnesota Vikings beat the Atlanta Falcons 14-9 on Sunday for their eighth straight win to improve to 10-2 on the season.
White House Christmas Decorations 2017The first lady's theme is "Time-Honored Traditions," a nod to 200 years of holiday celebrations at the executive mansion.
Top 10 Weather Day: Nov. 20, 2017Check out great weather images from Monday, Nov. 20.
  1. Monica says:

    WOW.. I was scared just looking at these images, lol very bold

  2. DOn_J says:

    …shouldn’t be to hard to find this dumb-ass.

  3. DeeShawnn says:

    The stupid dude is sooooo busted! Even his own mammie’ll turn him in for the reward. What a moron.

  4. Monica says:

    I was wondering, why not wear a hat at least? lol somthing, hide your forehead at least, lol

  5. Sam I am says:

    Was he desparate or job an idiot for not at least trying to cover his face.

  6. Carol says:

    This should be on American dumbest criminals…lol what a idiot he couldn’t even cover his face….what a dumb ass is right…lol

  7. CentralMN says:

    Any info about the vehicle he left in?

  8. Lee Gaylor says:

    he will be caught and i hope that he fries and to know the guard make it even worse that i want to caught him and see him fry

  9. Lee Gaylor says:

    those damn movies about how to rob an armored car

    1. MEE says:

      He must have left for a potty break when the part about concealing your identity came on….

  10. JESSICA says:


  11. Need a Lawyer? says:

    Dude turn yourself in now. Give back the money and pled insanity.

  12. Guard says:

    Rule No.1) Never turn your back on the door.
    Rule No.2) “Garda?” (Is that Spanish?why?) Quit being so F’ing cheap and put on three person crew. I driver and two guards with one pulling security.
    How do you say “Cheap” in Spanish?

    1. P.J. says:

      Cheap in Spanish is Chafa.

    2. Chelsey Little says:

      Where are you getting “Garda” it was Dunbar that got robbed NOT Garda.

  13. Romericus J Sims says:

    can we say “POSSIBLE INSIDE JOB” …on some level???

  14. Sheila says:

    They still havent caught this guy? Should we guess how much money is left? ZERO

  15. Baaa Haaa says:

    Stupid negro.

  16. CC says:

    BOLD.. Bold and dangerous.He has shaved his head and facial hair, left town hopefully back to Chicago..I wonder if He has a record..He knows SA has cameras.In desperation maybe..I feel sorry 4 him..Back to the joint

  17. Chelsey Little says:

    Dude, I would like to know what the officer was handing him…Looks more like a ‘friendly’ exchange there. What a waist. Seriously, do what the rest of us do…drag your butt out of bed, go to your job (like it or not) and learn to budget your money. I don’t want to have to pay for your sorry behind while you sit behind bars. Heck, McDonald’s isn’t the WOW WOW job, but hey at least THAT is a pay check and your WORKING for it.

    1. MNTom says:

      you are paying for him now, his baby mamma is collecting from the state to support his little cherubs i bet. also he probably voted democrat.

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