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  1. Bellaboo says:

    Bella….the Boston Terrier..she’s OUR #1 Fav dog!
    OK everyone…give your pet (dog, cat, toad, chinchilla) a kiss and a treat today!

  2. pretzeldude says:

    My Shih Tzu & my mixed Shih Tzu Lasha Apso are great dogs. Very loyal and sweet. When anyone comes to the door they let u know. The problem is if it were a bad guy they would welcome him in like he was there just for him to play with them.
    Don’t get any ideas. We are ready for intruders.

  3. Chelsey Little says:

    I love my rescued black lab coon hound mix, Chops…all 120lb’s of him! Although, I miss my English Springer Spainels. I don’t see what people see in poodles…especially shaved like they have pom-poms in random places. I am shocked to see the golden retriever isn’t higher up on the list though.

  4. red says:

    man poodle are ugly

  5. Judy says:

    I have to vote best dog to be my Affenpinscher, otherwise known as the Monkey dog. She RARELY barks, provides tons of laughs, and is one of the best dogs weve owned requiring little training. She seems to know exactly what we tell her, and hasnt needed any disciplining in the 4 years weve had her. Best part is…she was a rescued dog that had been abused in so many ways. She adopted me! I wanted a little dust mop of a dog like we had that had to be put down due to illness. I believe she was sent to me on purpose.

  6. Joe says:

    If you have never owned a Maltese you would be as surprised as I am that it didn’t make the favorite list. They are so affectionate, expressive, and can act like a clown to keep you entertained.

    1. TS says:

      Totally agree! Our maltese keeps us entertained for hours. When she’s tired she snuggles up to us on the couch. No shedding. Easily trained. Adorable. Best dogs ever.

  7. Katy says:

    I love my boxers they are great, loyal, wonderful around children and are quiet comedians too. We also have a puggle, she is smart and fun to train. Our great Pry. is a wonderful guard dog for our alpacas.

  8. Katie says:

    I have a lab/springer mix. He is the cutest dog in the whole world!!! Dogs are great additions to families.

    1. Sunny says:

      I have a lab/springer mix, too. She has been the easiest dog to train and she is very entertaining. She loves to jump like a deer and loves to talk to us.

  9. taco_owner says:

    got me a golden retriever, and he’s the worst/best dog ever… hahaha… love him, but the wife doesn’t have rules and boundaries for him… oh well…

    1. JLD says:

      we have a goldie/chessie mix and have the same worst/best relationship with him! lol I (the mom) have all the rules and my son (who is 16) breaks them all with the dog! 2nd Best rescue dog we ever had though! Our first was a wonderful Golden Oldie that we only had for 10mths.

  10. topchop says:

    I am upset my weim did not make it in LOL… I went to the weim so I would not have a dog that is like every other dog and named him SNAP simply not another Pal after my previous dog ( an awesome lab)….

  11. Cory says:

    Any dog from an animal shelter is number one in my book. All the dogs my parents had growing up were from the animal shelter. They just love you like the hero that you are to them and just want to be loved, sheltered, and safe. Now we have two dogs and a cat from the local humane societies. All of them are perfect. You get back what you put into them.

    1. Vicki says:

      BRAVO! I too have a shelter dog. She is a New Founland mix. I would not trade her for anything in this world. I agree with you totally. You get back what you give. Yeah Cory!

    2. olaf says:

      I agree, also. Our Siberian was a shelter dog. The shelter listed his name as “unclaimed stray”. Very sad. His ribs were showing when we got him. But now he is very happy and healthy. We have had him for nearly 6 years. Wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  12. Kim says:

    Basset hounds! The best and the worst but the most loving. Rose stands next to our six year old like a Swiss guard no matter what she’s doing. Her nose makes her obsessive with food – lookout dining room table!

  13. Sharon Bowers says:

    The Scottie Terrior. They’re number one in our book!

  14. Becky says:

    I absolutely love my rough collie Sandy! Smart as a whip and keeps the kids in line! If I could convince my husband, I would have about 3 more dogs! I could use some Humane Society pups to keep her company!

  15. Fred P says:

    A Golden Duoodle (cross of poodle and golden retriever) is our favorite. The love he gives is unbelievable. No shedding either.

    1. Bon says:

      Doodles Rock
      I have a 1 yr old golden doodle too he is the best family dog and is very smart. Very large but is such a good boy he just thinks he is little..Ha Ha Love him lots.

  16. Newfy lover says:

    Newfoundland Rescues are the best around. our family dogs are Sampson and Delilah are the most lovable dogs ever. Miss Lilah had puppies by the time she was 9 months old in the puppy mill, sampson was a “show dog” quality that turned out to have bad hips(puppy mill in disguise in st louis). the heard the little grandkids into corners and LOVE the snow. they look like big black bears if you see them from afar-weighing in at 180 and 150lbs. most gentle creatures you would ever meet

  17. Linda Sears says:

    I think Golden Retrievers are the best87 love u to know end., Labs are so hyper. I have raised Goldens , U don;t have to teach them, they know

  18. Max says:

    love our boxer. would not trade him for the world.we are the 2nd owner’s..travels with me almost every place i go.loves kids. and gets along with our min-pins as well.hands down best dog I ever owned. mybe he ownes me. never know.

  19. Marlene Ilic says:

    Doberman Pincher is the best of all the rest. They are so loyal. We had a rescue Doberman for 17 years.. We rescued a male Doberman and he lived only 14 years. I still miss my “baby” I spoiled him rotten. We now have a rescued Doberman puppy, Dobermans are the only way to go!

  20. Kathy says:

    I’m partial to larger dogs. Malamutes will always be my favorite whether they’re mixed with shepherds or purebreds. However, right now I have an Australian Shepherd. They are towards the top of the list for intelligence and can keep up with the kids. Almost every dog is smart in there own way. Some are smarter than others in their breed. Some just aren’t but we love them all regardless. Our dog fits our life well because I can’t watch him constantly outside or go for walks because of my disability. So I can let him run outside in our 2+ acres yard and he stays in yard. Plus, if I want to take him for a good run all I have to do is go on a back road with him, let him out and he’ll run right in front of car until I turn around then he turns around and runs in front again. When I want him in the car I just open door and call his name. He jumps in car and we go home. These dogs are extremely loyal, protective, and territorial. But they usually just warn unless taught otherwise, have dominant personality and are undisciplined, and so on. That is an owner defect not the dog’s. Well, I’ve over explained why I love this. breed and my son would say he loves his pom pom. Barky little pups aren’t they…lol. All animals are wonderful regardless of breed, color, or size. Everyone, Stay warm, Be Safe, & Have a Good Week!!

  21. Paul says:

    I have a 17 pound Main Coon cat, from a shelter,
    that would LOVE to have a Maltese to play with !!
    Those dogs look like a little dust mop on 4 short little legs.
    Very cute!!

  22. Jennifer K-H says:

    Rottweilers are AWESOME!! Our rott named Bear once was standing next to my husband and was getting a pet behind the ears. My then 2 yr old was sitting behind him and decided he wanted to stand up. He used Bear’s privates to lift himself off the ground. All Bear did was whine and look at my husband and I like HELP!!! I never in the 12 years we had him worried about him hurting the kids in fact quite the opposite. He would protect the kids from anyone including my husband and I when we wrestled on the floor in the living room with them. They were never so protected or safe as when Bear was watching over them.

  23. marias says:

    i love my Yorkie very much i hope it wins the top dog breed of 2011

  24. jodie gore says:

    I LOVE MY GOLDEN DOODLE, TANGO! He is so much fun and my very first dog.
    You’re never too old to get one–the best pal this baby boomer ever could have! Would love to send a photo!

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