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  1. M B says:

    The thing is, it’s obvious that these politicians care more about their vendetta and their business interests than they do the people.

    I would be GREATLY surprised if now that they ‘won’ this victory that they are simply going to stop there. No, it will continue with little things until the old adage of “death by a thousand paper cuts” becomes apparent.

    If I was a Wisconsonite, I’d be demanding their resignation.

    1. TF says:

      Kind of like the interests of the democratic senators that fled the state instead of doing their constitutional job in the interest of protecting the unions that support them regardless the impact on constituents?

      I’m not saying that the GOP has a clean record, but please don’t throw stones in a glass house. Your likely to get glass in your eye and I can’t afford to pay your medical benefits anymore.

      1. KH says:

        The Republican party may be the ruling majority sitting in Madison, but they certainly were NOT elected so they could consider it their “constitutional job” to be arrogant, santimonious bullies who can bypass legal procedure to strip constituents of their rights. Believe me, MB, it’s gonna blow up in their faces. And TF – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Let us all know how you’re “affording” the fallout from the unbelievable domino effect that will happen if these morons get their way. Funny how short-sighted people can be when they don’t look beyond their own noses…

      2. TF says:

        Short sited? I am not the one representing the party that is throwing our childrens future away by burying them in so much dept that no amount of taxation of the rich could ever cover the tab.

    2. dsp says:

      I guess this sounds somewhat familiar. Didn’t our liberal congress ram through Obamacare in the same way.

      1. Dang Straight says:

        Obama’s campaign highlighted health care. Walker didn’t say a word about stripping worker’s rights during his campaign.

        Governor Freaking Weasel.

      2. sd says:

        Wasn’t it Bush who started the so-called “Obamacare”? I believe he was and left it for others to finish.

      3. JH says:

        Good one DSP! Spot on!

        This is who Wisconsin elected and he ran on the platform that he would make changes and balance there budget. If you dont llke it, you should have been there last November!

        Good for the Republicans for following through. I can’t imagine the pressure they are under.

      4. winoceros says:

        sd, you’re wrong and well, just wrong. Prove it, pretzel boy.

      5. deltadawn says:

        But, thats ok for the dems. They whine when the repubs do a fraction of what they’ve done.

    3. susie says:

      Who’s resignation would you demand? the democrats who bailed on the people or the GOP who stayed and worked?

    4. ML says:

      No matter what the politicians do, we the people can always walk off the job and make our point anew.

  2. Stan says:

    @KH, From what your telling us you voted for Obama and do you think he cares about what is going on in Wisconsin ??. I thought he said he would walk with the Union people, sorry he was busy and you forget it’s all about MONEY and Obama and the “Giving Party” needs to start saving money. Cut up your credit cards and look at the big picture OUR State is broke Walker can’t fix the problem without everyone giving up something. I never noticed my State to be so selfish.

    1. PAUL says:


      1. RightUnite says:

        This isn’t about private unions. The tax payers are not paying for Private union benefits. What part of that do you not understand?

        1. Stien says:


          Really? Who pays MNA benefits when you go to the hospital? They are a private union. I know….I know…not all nurses are MNA. Yes, taxes payers are paying private unions. Don’t kid yourself!

    2. Irv says:

      Ok Stan,
      No get on your horse and tell your Gov and legislators they to need to take pay and bennie cuts as they too are gov. employees who happen to get their pay and perks long after they are gone. Oh and yes they vote in their own raisees. You think Walker and his minions will listen. I’ll take any bets that none take you up on it. Why? They don’t care about leading by example, they care about pleasing their boss, Koch, Waltons and the rest of their billionaire owners.

    3. RightUnite says:

      Oh yeah, if he’s not playing golf, he’s partying at the WH. He’s too busy to be walking with the Union people, but he’ll still accept their union donations now, won’t he?

  3. Rob Wagner says:


    1. MsM says:

      Yes, go walker – riight to Russia where your agenda is popular.

    2. Stien says:

      You have to admit….this Scott Walker guy has some stones. Like it or vote him out. I may not agree with all he does, but you have to admit he stands his ground.

  4. steve says:

    Sadly, some of you people can’t see that the kids ARE the ones who are losing because the state of WI isn’t placing the education of their children as a top priority. I hope they have fun trying to sell their homes in an area where the education system has gone down the tubes. Oh, and you will also enjoy spending that extra money to insure your homes against robbery and theft from young adults who haven’t had a proper education. However, you obviously didn’t get a proper education or you would have learned how to spell the word YOU’RE correctly.

    1. Al B says:

      Really, Steve? You are willing to draw a direct line between the members of the Teachers Union getting paid a few percent less, and an increase in violent crime? Really? Why don’t you propose to double their pay and save billions by not having police or prisons? Can you give me one street address in the entire state of Wisconsin where a child cannot receive a K-12 education in heated buildings with licensed teachers and modern textbooks? One address?

      1. RightUnite says:

        Steve is just fearmongering…. Anything to get out of paying that small amount towards the teachers pension/healthplans.

  5. Mare says:

    Stan – did you see Michael Moore when he was in Madison? If not, search it out and listen to his speech.

    1. Stan says:

      @Mare, I watched Michael Moore on March 5th 2011. If I didn’t have the connections that I work with daily, I would believe Michael’s story. I’m not a rich busness person nor am I on welfare but sad to tell you Wisconsin is in need to adjust and pay/contribute equal. This will be interesting, Wisconsin isn’t alone and several States are in trouble, sorry to see Michael’s fear factor talks that won’t give back or fix finacial problems. Good luck……

  6. Hannah says:

    It looks like the guy who was escorted out is a college kid! Don’t they have better things to do like attend class rather then protest! I wonder how many more college kids from the U of Wisconsin are skipping class and protesting…most college kids don’t even hold a union job, much less of any kind of job!

    1. JH says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

    2. How About Them Apples says:

      Did it ever occur to you that collage student is studying to become a teacher, and is trying to secure his, or her future?

  7. Dang Straight says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who applaud the mistreatment and scapegoating of others.

    What pitiful lives you must lead.

  8. KH says:

    TF and Stan, I LIVE in Wisconsin, and I’d like to know how you expect MY 2 children (15 and 8yrs) to get the excellent education I/you/we had if you insist on crippling the very same system that is currently one of the top-ranked in the country? How will our kids earn enough to afford to stay around here to keep Wisconsin strong, progressive and thriving? Like I said, there will be a huge domino effect; mess around with education and you are destroying the basic building block of a solid society. Make it harder for kids to get a good education in the young, formative years and for older students to get financial support to get secondary degrees, and you might as well just hand the keys over to India or China, where education is valued above…dare we say it?…money.

    And if you don’t want to spend YOUR money to help take care of the physical bodies or mental issues of people in need, well go right ahead and ignore them, too, and watch how YOUR quality of life will deteriorate, because those people are not just going to go away – you WILL pay for their care, one way or another, and it will cost a whole lot more in the long run if you eliminate medical coverage and food assistance programs now.

    Guess what! The money Walker says he’s “saving” by all this hoopla is NOT coming back to YOU – it’s going straight into the pockets of big business and the uber-wealthy! How can you people not see this????

    1. Dave says:

      Ahahaha another sensationalist lefty whack job. You should work for CNN.

      I must have missed the article about the firing of teachers and closing of schools and underfunding of the education system. Oh thats right, there wasn’t one.

      Teachers won’t get 5% raises, which is about 3X the raise myself and others have been seeing the last few years. Boo hoo, I also don’t get 3 months off every summer. They’ll have to pay a larger portion of their health plan that I fund that offers way better terms than any plan I could get my hands on through a private company.

      Apparently higher salaries somehow correlates to better teachers in your jeered view of the world? More money also somehow correlates to the student taking more initiative to get the most out of their education as well.

      And the part about the money going to the pockets of big business, oh man, that’s rich! I don’t know where you guys infer this information from?

      So many comments on here with absolutely no credibility, backing, or facts to base them on. That’s when you know its a lefty posting it. Now go rally around Jesse Jackson and make more of a fool of yourself.

      1. Gary says:

        Teachers do not get paid for those three months, they get laid off without being able to apply for unemployement regardlesss of whether they are seeking summer work or not- most would rather work and get paid for it.
        Getting rid of the union is the first step towards cutting teachers, crowding classrooms and paying the debt off out of the pockets of educators and from the education of our youth. Paying more for their benefits is fair and the teachers agreed to it- stripping them of colective bargaining rights is dictatorship.

    2. MS says:

      KH, I’m with you, I lived out East where you had to have money to get a decent education. WI has good schools because of the teachers and the gov is putting students in the middle of a larger political agenda. I wonder why the police and firefighters unions weren’t targeted?

  9. Stan says:

    Oh my, Wisconsin has brought in the Rev Jesse Jackson, Can the camera bring anymore popular faces to the state. Poor Jesse wants the State of Wisconsin to give more, rob Peter to pay Paul, sad to say the money is gone. Sure hope the residents of Wisconsin still have a State House when this is done. I’m sad to live in a State of such confusion.

    1. mike says:

      Come on Stan, you can’t take all that money with you when the devil calls you

  10. Jim says:

    The GOP was angery that the labor unions donated to the Demacratic Party. How do you stop that? Kill the unions.

  11. Paula says:

    Good argument for home schooling. I wouldn’t allow any of these freaks teach my children. It’s time to stop collective bargaining and bust the unions,

    1. Jason says:

      Same here. Im going to do whatever it takes to keep my boys in private school. More overtime for me. Small trade off in the big picture.

    2. Brian H says:

      My Mom is a hard core liberal and a retired teacher (Wisconsin). She called me up today to rip on me about the Union gutting legislation. She extolled the virtue of the unions and how they make sure only qualified and competent teachers teach in our public schools.

      I had only one question for her: ‘so Mom, if that is all true, how come you suggested that I home school Noah and Alice, and helped me get the necessary materials and state procedures to do so?’

      She said a couple rather nasty things and hung up. If an uber liberal pro union person like my Mom is against the Unionized public school system, what hope is there that the system won’t utterly fail our kids?

      1. Jenelle says:

        Wow, really harsh against ur Mom. Funny ask heck though, a pro union teacher telling her son to home school her grandkids. So ****ing rich!

      2. foridealists says:

        Nice work there Brian. I’m sure your mother made her recommendation based on what’s happened to education around the country due to cuts. The unions have worked hard to keep up teacher moral as well as the quality of education, but even midwestern schools have suffered from those cuts. Even great teachers struggle with maintaining their professional standards in overcrowned classrooms with ever increasing demands. Shame on your mother for sacrificing her heartfelt affiliations for what she felt was the good of her grandchildren. Oh, and by the way, shame on you too.

    3. MsM says:

      I apologize for your lack of education, especially in the area of speaking and spellling. Good reason for not expanding homeschooling.

  12. Stan says:

    @KH, I live in Wisconsin too, sorry the State is broke and I’m a Veteran and a Union Member but enough is enough. Please don’t use students as a pawn it’s not about children. You haven’t seen anything yet, and you might have to get a partime job at Menards

  13. Stan says:

    @Paula, Very good point….

  14. James says:

    And the next thing that needs to be done is to DEFUND U W Madison. School’s for fish and you can’t make a dolphin from a state full of carp. You can try, but you’ll only end up with a load of expensive bottom feeding carp and a smell you can taste from Minnesota.

    Can’t thank you enough for all the time.

  15. Stan says:

    We need to get this passed to see what’s in it, sound familar Nancy said it well and we the people didn’t have a choice. Maybe we can see if Nancy has time to come to Wisconsin today, you have to love the lip service……

  16. common cents says:

    Unions benefit more than just there own members. They’re responsible for the 40 hr work week, vacation time, PTO. If a group of united workers lose their rights, what can the single employee expect?

    1. Maurice Franz says:

      A single employee can expect to negotiate his/her salary and benefits and work 40+ hours per week like the rest of us citizen taxpayers.

      1. PAUL says:

        NO you will take what they offer or you will here ………….YOUR FIRED!!!!!……….WAKE UP !

    2. Maurice Franz says:

      What bothers me is the absolute vitriol and thinly veiled threats of violence against anyone who questions the unions or democratic party. I have to hand it to the protest organizers, they did a great job of preventing violence The protest organizers showed the world just how much utter hatred they could drum up on short notice.

      I think the definition of public servant was brought back into line with reality. Public servants are there to serve the public good, not the public serving them with benefits out of tune with fiscal sanity.

  17. anita mann says:

    I sense bitterness in the comments against unions as if people are mad that they aren’t in a union so they don’t want others to be, either. Union workers, of which I am not, are not freeloaders that get a break from paying taxes. They work, they contribute to the economy and pay taxes. Why do so many of you want to take away your neighbors rights as union workers?

    1. Get a clue says:

      Where have you been? Did you just wake up from a really long nap?

  18. Wiser than most says:

    I wonder how many college students in Wisconsin changed their majors today.

  19. Tb says:

    Obama says we must all sacrifice and we must all accept his health care plan.
    Except the unions, of course.
    The unions aren’t interested in equal rights. They want exclusive rights.

    1. DH says:

      Kinda like Feminism?

  20. Trumka Lies says:

    I think the cops need to come in and do an old fashioned Qaddafi beat down on all protesters.

    1. P says:

      trumka lies your an IDIOT why don’t you give us your address so you can have your beat down for being an IDIOT

  21. Jalan says:

    Death threats, this pretty much deals the Unions fate. You Union People do not hold the Majority in the State. The Repubs were elected by the Majority to do exactly what They did!
    Union Perks are NOT a Civil Right!
    Union perks are NOT a Human Right!

    1. PAUL says:

      they were NOT elected to serve ONLY the rebublicans ………….they were elected to serve ALL of WISCONSIN TO strip ONLY one group of people of there RIGHTS IS pain and simply WRONG and the way they did it is an absolut sham and CRIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN COURT !!! besides I do beleive that the state and the UNION have a valid and binding contract

  22. Michael Loewen says:

    remember about a year ago the WI teachers union was fighting because they still wanted their Viagra covered. Come on – talk about abusing the system…..The Republicans are just doing what the unions have been doing for years and now they don’t like it! I have worked for 30 years, never been in a union and never had the benefits/collective barganing that they have They have been abusing that power for years. Look at the NFLPA too – same story.

  23. FREE RIDE says:

    Good looking bunch. Lots of clean fingernails. Try getting those hands dirty and working for a living, GO SCOTT WALKER!

  24. mark says:

    this really boils down to the average non union (public or private) working family sick and tired of ever increasing costs (taxes and health insurance) while the state and teacher union employee get raises and pay a fraction of their health insurance. This just levels the plying field. The ride is over and the taxpayers will now be paying to dig out from years and years of wasteful spending on the entitled.

    Too bad the democrats could not stay at the capital and “fight” as they were elected to do. Can you imagine what would happen if republicans ever tried to do this????


    1. How About Them Apples says:

      Are you still crying “me to”? Join a union and get off your knees.

  25. PK says:

    NEWSFLASH! To all of those who keep saying you don’t know how the union busting is going to affect the schools? It isn’t just that, Walker is making a 1.5 BILLION budget cut to schools, medicare and local government. If you don’t think those cuts will affect the quality of education in WI, you need to go back to school. Wi is currently in the Top 10 of best quality of education for kids. I definitely see this changing with the slashes. The Union Members made concessions…I feel like a broken record. Get your facts straight. The protesters got angry when the REpubs pushed through the bill. They did not get violent. They have been very polite and respectful (even the police were thanking them for being so). The only threats and anger I have seen have been from the opposition on these boards!

  26. PK says:

    Walker’s budget includes a nearly 9 percent cut in aid to schools, a reduction of nearly $900 million. The governor also proposed requiring school districts to reduce their property tax authority by an average of $550 per pupil — a move that makes it more difficult for schools to make up the lost money.

    Additionally, cities would get nearly $60 million less in aid, an 8.8 percent cut, while counties would lose more than $36 million, a 24 percent reduction. They would not be allowed to increase property taxes except for new construction.

    Walker estimates that his controls on property taxes would save $736 over the next two years for the owner of a home valued at the median price of $161,300.

    He also proposed a $500 million cut to Medicaid, which would be achieved through a number of changes that include increasing co-pays and deductibles and requiring that participants in SeniorCare also be enrolled in Medicare Part D.

    Walker asked for $82 million in tax cuts, including an expanded exclusion for capital gains realized on investments made in Wisconsin-based businesses. The Legislature previously approved more than $117 million in Walker-backed tax cuts that take effect later this year.

    MORE tax cuts? How does this make sense?

  27. Tiffany from FLorida says:

    For those who dont believe in the importance of Educating your citizens: LOOK south! Alabama, Kentucky, W. Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas etc, etc. -these “welfare states” are still recovery long after the civil war. NO ONE MOVES there! biz nor people. Good luck Serfs!
    Gov Walker -leaves you with
    NO EDUCATION (you know already)
    NO HEALTHCARE (see budget Title V)
    NO STATE INVESTMENTS (see budget bill)
    NO TRAiN/SPORTATION (Wis. weather is geat)
    NO JOBS!
    = BUT =

  28. Jon says:

    Pk and Tiffany ,THANK YOU for that! Some people need to hear the TRUTH,tabloid news listeners just want to vilify the teachers and other public workers! SHAME!

  29. mouday says:

    it will trickle down dummies, your cuts are coming. its a race to the bottom that your children will enjoy.

  30. Jim says:

    Walker for President!!! Hopefully, other states follow Wisconsin’s lead. Everyone in the privqte sector has been taking cuts for the last few years. It hurts, I agree, but we have to get out of this financial crisis with bold steps.

  31. How About Them Apples says:

    I’ll bet you love them Packers with their multi-million dollar salaries.

  32. Smiley says:

    They didn’t call it the Soviet UNION for nothing…

    1. How About Them Apples says:

      Striping workers of the right to organize, and bargain is something we have learned to expect of the Soviet Union. I guess the U.S.A. is no better.

    2. tiredandretired says:

      In the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, reference is made to forming a more perfect union. During the Civil War, the Union Army defeated the Rebel Army.

  33. MsM says:

    To all those who are MISINFORMED: the public does not pay union dues the union members pay union dues. I find it amazing that the people making assumptions on unions are the people that can only reguritate spoon fed talking points given to them by their GOP elitists. I for one fought many years for the women’s right NOT to be fired because of pregnancy; fought for women’s right to be fairly promoted for a job and not have a promotion contingent upon giving sexual favors to their male boss. I lived through the days when women were treated like something to be scaped off the bottom of mens shoes as the women did all the work and the men took all the credit and the pay that goes with it. Commentors who want to return to the ‘good old days’ have never experienced treatment as we did BECAUSE of the actions of the women and men who fought to get the rights. BTW – you are mis-information by the GOP into believing taxpayers pay for union dues….no..union memberes pay their own membership dues out of their EARNINGS. Check your facts people instead of listening to b.s.

    1. Smiley says:

      Everyone knows that the general public does not pay union dues. However, you fail to recognize that everyone DOES pay for the salary and benefits of public sector union employees! No doubt union members pay their union dues with a portion of their salary, which is paid for by tax dollars. It’s a vicious circle, and the MAJORITY of working Americans are not in unions, yet they are forced to subsidize them. They are workers too, yet they don’t walk out on the job or go on strike when things don’t go their way. We’re all very proud of your self righteousness, and your work as a suffragette, but those qualities are not needed in a financial crisis.

      1. tiredandretired says:

        News Flash: The public pays for your wages and benefits, too, when they purchase the goods and/or services provided/produced by your business/employer. That includes public sector union members that spend their hard earned money to support your family. Nobody lives in a vacuum; we all pay each other. With less public sector jobs and wages, more people will be competing for fewer jobs; less money will circulate in local economies, resulting in lost private sector jobs. Time to get down off your high horse and work together for the good of all American workers. Patriot Thomas Paine said that if we did not hang together, we would certainly hang separately. That statement holds especially true today. Are you a true American who will stand with your brother; or are you so self-centered and jealous that you will rise against him, ultimately harming yourself in the process?

    2. Pemly Fink says:

      Right on MsM!!

  34. Nathan says:

    I’m sure that the ~7-9% unemployed in California would be more than happy to take your jobs, whether there is a worker’s union or not.

  35. Tax payer says:

    Why do government jobs need a union in the first place? I never understood that. I can see a union starting for a private company abusing employees back in the early 1900’s but not for today’s government. Excessive taxpayer money is wasted on union demands etc.

  36. How About Them Apples says:

    I thought Lincoln freed the slaves, but slavery is making a comeback in a big way.
    When union benefits, and wages fall it won’t be long before non-union benefits, and wages will follow.
    Don’t listen to these small business owners and corporate mangers who are posting here.

  37. Jerry says:

    Support business’s that support unions.

  38. fkafka says:

    What’s the fuss all about? Wisconsin can just vote Unions back in if they want them iin the future just like they voted them out this time – that’s the way it works. So what – a legion of union officials don’t get paid – Oh, wait – they always get paid.

  39. Hugh Jass says:

    I have a hard time supporting these demonstrators. As a general rule they appear to be lefty commies – you know beret and sandal wearing goofs. Most of the guys look like chin dribbling yogurt eaters if you know what I mean.

  40. Hayward says:

    Us teachers have little to worry about. We, through are strong union, spent hundreds of millions of funneled tax payers dollars (forced dues) to help elect our great president. Us union members were given a year exemption from Obamacare. Why wait a few years? Lets just ask to move into Obamacare right now. We all love our King, the Savior. Think of it!! No more tax deferred health care costs. Insurance benefits will count as incorme. We need to pay our fair share of taxes. Govt union members rock. The country needs to thank us.

  41. Tom says:

    This is fabulous! I love to hear the ignorant Libs cry. They deserve what they get for their selfish stupidity.

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