• May 29 Severe WeatherSevere storms traveled north through the Twin Cities on Tuesday, with high winds taking down trees and clouds looking ominous.
  1. cosmicwxdude says:

    Idiotic waste of time.

  2. gill oteen says:

    I think I can the lights at Al Gores house, is he getting another “massage” I notice that incident has gone real missing from the headlines?

    1. Prose Dreams says:

      I agree it has completely disappeared. I guess Libya is more imporant than a former Vice President sexually assaulting someone.

      1. Alexandra, 22 says:

        I think saving the lives of others, including a lot of children, is more important than Al Gore getting a happy ending.
        I’m conservative, but firmly believe that any kind of saving of energy is worth it, even if it is just me riding my bike more or someone else just driving less, even for a day.

  3. Marcus Mayo says:

    It’s amazing that you still have some people completely denying anthropogenic global warming, in spite of an overwhelmingly vast majority of researchers and scientists who think that humans are at least contributing to global warming.

    I guess that shows you what kind of results money from people like the Koch brothers will get you.

    1. Rose says:

      Its not money its common sense and not following people like Al Gore around like sheep. When you see people and scientists fudge facts because they can’t quite prove the case (Dan Rather included), it becomes a little less believable. Common sense says we have climate change, but the green propaganda to say it is man made is a big stretch.

    2. Rayda says:

      I truly believe global climate change exists. It always has, long before we knew how to build SUV’s.
      How many is a “vast majority” anyway? The petition project has 33,000 scientists that say it is a bunch of hooey. Don’t you wonder how even the UN scientists say we could pour several trillion $$$ into efforts to save the planet and it just *MIGHT* save us from a 0.4 degree change in temperature? We have experienced a 1 degree cooling trend over the last 10 years, how is that possible? CO2 is a necessary and fundamental element in the cycle of life. It isn’t a pollutant. It makes up about 38 parts per billion of our atmosphere and that percentage hasn’t changed. When there have been higher concentrations of CO2 present, you get more plant growth. This is a bad thing? Even AlGore has said that the ethanol boondoggle was a bad idea. Stop drinking the koolaid and come up for air. You’ll find a much happier life.

  4. TC says:

    It’s the LEAST mankind could do. Literally.

  5. The King says:

    Good job Todd, I couldn,t of said it any better. I bet it hurts every time he fills the
    gas tank.

  6. Arthur Peterson says:

    you’re truly a grade-A creep

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