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  1. Iconoclast says:

    Good for these folks. I can think of few things more destructive to the individual soul, humanity and this amazing world we live than organized religion. The idea that a group of people can decide they know what is beyond the veil of human understanding is short sighted and ultimately cowardly. These people then pollute other minds with this conjecture and sometimes war against others who describe “god” even slightly differently. If we use our hearts and souls most of can agree that there are things well beyond us. Those things will always be a great and wonderful mystery beyond comprehension. This life and the natural world are already so beautiful and unlikely. We need to keep our eyes and minds open to all it can reveal. We will never understand it all but that’s the point. There is always more. There is simply no need to do yourself the disservice of placing a comfortable “God mask” over everything to protect yourself from the mystery and uncertainty of life. Just let go, go with it and do your best to lessen suffering in this world. -Peace.

  2. blog.benpiper.com says:

    Atheism is a religious belief, and an irrational, unscientific one at that. If you’re going to reject God, at least be honest about why you’re doing it. The fathers of the modern sciences were Creationists, not atheists. Atheism has been one of the most anti-intellectual movements of the last century.

  3. Mary says:

    I think of the visions of St John Bosco’s visions of he’ll. He asked the angel why people go there. The angel replied they chose he’ll because they deny God’s existence. Isn’t he’ll the absence of God? What a folly. So many miracles over the centuries. Bernadet of Lourdes incorrupt body and many more. Catherine Laboure I have seen as well as Bernadette. Both look like they are sleeping despite dying a century ago

  4. DT says:

    Religion sucks. Nothing intellectually dishonest in realizing we can know nothing about an ill defined and therefore, incomprehensible deity. It is presumptuous to assume that some old and poorly written novel (bible) has all the answers. Kill god!

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