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  1. david says:

    thank you KILLER

  2. Joanne says:

    Fifty years ago I made my mother take me to the Heights Theater to see a movie, but the bonus was Harmon Killebrew was going to be there!! She didn’t know who you were but I insisted that we go there to see you. You are one of the greatest of all times! Thanks for the memories.

  3. Glenn says:

    What a class Act…I consider myself fortunate to have grown up when you played the game…a role model then and a role model now.

  4. doug says:

    It was great watching you play and how you still interacted with baseball and the Twins. God bless you and your familydoug

  5. Elizabeth Winkel says:

    Hello, my Father, Terry Winkel, sold the tickets back in the days of the Met, we went to see the Twins, I remember you and the other players as true sportsman, not in it for the fame and money, but for the love of the game. Thank you for that, and for being a wonderful person, you will never be forgotten.

  6. Michael J. Powers says:

    Harmon, I want to thank you for all the years of delight you gave to us Baseball fans! But most importantly, thank you for being the best example of what a Baseball player should be. You are humble, caring, quiet, yet strong. You lead me into adulthood with those traits and have never let us down! May God caress you and keep you in your loving hands!

  7. John Wazlawik says:

    I can’t think of another person who I would rather have on my team, both on the field and in life. You always had time for the little guy and are the classiest player in Minnesota history. You always worried about others, as you list of achievements grew. It was never about Harmon. I was saddened when I heard the news yesterday, that your cancer had progressed to the point of hospice care. I have lost two dear friends, in the last few months to the beast, and understand what you are dealing with. Please know that my prayers are with you, Nita and your family

  8. Lois says:

    Harmon Killebrew, bless your heart!! YOU were my mother’s (no longer with us) all-time favorite player…and you helped two elderly to enjoy the time together.
    You have our best wishes for help.

  9. Mary Louise says:

    Hello Mr Killebrew,
    I just heard the TV broadcast regarding your illness and wanted you to know there may be another option open to you.
    My family and I have both had personal experience with treatment at the Bio Medical Ctr, otherwise known as the Hoxsey Clinic, originally operating out of Texas but forced out of the US by the AMA many years ago. They cure cancer at Hoxsey. My father and my sister both were cured. Dad had prostate cancer and doctors suggested surgery and the other “traditional treatments”. He did the Hoxsey treatment and was cancer free in a few months..no radiation, surgery or chemo etc. His doctors were baffled. My sister has cured two 3rd or 4th stage melanomas on her legs,without any surgeries as her US doctors recommended. I don’t recall exactly which stage she was at, as its been awhile but, I know it was at least 3rd.. I’m sure she would be grateful to talk to you if you’re interested in knowing more about her experiences and recovery. Or, there is a book available online called “You Don’t Have To Die”, written by Harry Hoxsey I believe.
    I don’t know at what “stage” you are but, its a very simple, pleasant process to get to the clinic in Tijuana and be checked by some of the finest doctors on this planet . The great part is it can only help. It won’t make your condition any worse. If its too late to effect a cure for you, they will tell you. The time it takes to fly to San Diego (unless you already live in CA), climb aboard a van, at a specific hotel in SanYsidro which will take you through the border, quickley, (no red tape) and pick you up when you’re done and drive you back to your hotel, you may decide is well worth the effort.
    I truly believe in this clinic/ treatment because anyone I’ve known , or know of, has been cured provided they follow the plan, which is an herbal tonic along with a specific diet, carefully. Its quite easy and non-invasive. The cancer is cured from the inside out.
    If you want to know more, feel free to email me and I can give you their phone number. The clinic always answers the phone and will give you helpful advice.
    If you are too ill to travel, I hope that the coming weeks wont be too difficult for you. I don’t know you but, have heard your name, many times, during my lifetime, and certain you are loved by many. I certainly wish you well.
    Sincere regards,
    Mary Louise

  10. Jennifer McCarney says:

    I was beyond saddened to hear the news. I have been praying for a call or e-mail from my dad telling me that you beat cancer.
    Meeting you was not only a blessing for myself, but my family as well. We cherish what you do not only for the community but for the game of baseball. Harmon, not only are you known as the “Killer”, you are known as a man who at 74 continues to give back to the game he loves so much.
    May you be blessed with friends and family by your side, pulling for you every second of the day!
    Jennifer McCarney

  11. Debbie says:

    A Legend Forever

    Rest in peace

  12. dennis.agar says:

    I’m sure God has gathered you in his arms Harmon and called a meeting of the greats; not only for your skill on the diamond, but your skill as a fine human being.

    God loves you, we certainly did down here.
    A Fan

  13. Jim Boening says:

    A warm summer evening in front of our black and white TV listening to Herb and Halsey.Harmon steps up and blasts a homer……Thank-you God for Harmon and those fond memories.

  14. Kenny & Darlene Nelson says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank you for sharing such a talented, and caring man with us all.

    Our deepest sympathy to the family, friends and fans of Harmon Killebrew.

  15. Andy Anderson says:

    I still remember going to the twins with my brother and grandfather in 1968 for a doubleheader on Sat and Sunday.Grandpa brought 2 team pictures and we went on the field to get autographs from the players.Harmon told me that he will hit a homerun for me,made my day when he hit 3 homeruns that day

  16. Chick says:

    Will always remember how they used to televise the ballgames with the camera from behind and above. Harmon steps up, two practice swings,bat ready,THERE SHE GOES over the left field fence. How we all loved that Killebrew trot around the bases and the handshakes from his coach and team mates. Thankyou for being you.

  17. Hari says:

    My Twin brother is 36 and wheelchairbound. I’ve gotten choked up everytime I see that wheelchair accessible baseball field. That field is equally a gift to the siblings of the person in the wheelchair because they get to play with thier sibling and not spill thier brother or sister in the dirt. (My mom still doesn’t know about that.)

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