• Royal Wedding PrepsThe nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to take place Saturday, May 19.
  1. Gloria says:

    Hey guy’s way to go, see you have what it takes to win big and you all know it. God Bless you all
    and many more wins guy’s………………………………….

  2. Beltza says:

    This is an age old qieutson. It is all about the relative value of a player.Your goal is to ourscore you opponent.Let s explain this with an example:TEAM APlayer fantasy pointsTony Romo = 30Earnest Graham = 12Terrell Owens = 21TEAM BPhillip Rivers = 27Frank Gore = 25Greg Jennings = 16Here you can see that the QBs scored the most points (30 and 27). However, you also see that the RB on Team B far outscored the RB on Team. Once the WR come in at about the same level, you see that the team with the less impressive QB won the week 68 63.The key is about point differential. Sure Tom Brady makes great sense because he will score a lot of points. The qieutson you have to ask yourself is: “Will Brady and the RB I have to take later score more points than the RB I could take in the 1st round and the QB I can get later?”Maybe you are better off taking a top RB early (who scores less points than the QBs) and then taking your QB later. If the point differential is large between the top players at a position and the last players taken at a position, then you have a valuable position. This is what happens with RBs. Tomlinson and Peterson score so many more points than the 20th RB (which will start in most leagues) that you want to take those guys and then grab a QB later. The Top QBs and the 10th QB (most leagues don t start 2 QBs) don t have as much of a fantasy point differential.Another example is kickers. They can score a lot of points. However, there isn t much difference between the first kicker taken in a fanatsy draft and the 12th kicker taken. That ends up making kickers not very valuable.Things get interesting when you have diferent numbers of player that have to start or different scoring. (i.e. start 2 QBs) Rankings players by position is easy. You just make stats and calculate points. The hard part is blending different positions together in a manner that helps you build the best team. Was this answer helpful?

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