• May 24 Severe WeatherSevere storms rolled through western Minnesota and the Twin Cities, knocking down trees and power lines.
  1. Diane Anderson says:

    Bruce, you did not consult your audience when you made the decision to retire!

    You will certainly be missed and WCCO will never be the same without you. Yours are big shoes to fill and just know we all wish you the best. My brother, Don Haney from KFGO in Fargo, will be the first to express his utmost respect for you. You are an inspiration to all journalists and listeners. The life of a news person is an awesome responsibility and you are the epitome of the best.

    Happy Retirement 🙂

  2. John Husby says:

    Bruce is one of the last people that were truely what CCO stood for and he will be sorely missed. Other than Dave Lee things have changed too much. Hope to hear him again filling in for someone in the near future. The Saturday morning birthdays and music guesses with Denny are going to be different without you. Happy retirement and you will be MISSED. God Bless.

  3. Kathy Dubbels says:

    Bruce, I hope you enjoy every minute of your well-earned retirement after all these years of dedicated service! You will be greatly missed on the radio.

  4. Lisa Briggs says:


    CONGRATULATIONS! What an amazing career you’ve had with WCCO. So many people touched by your stories over the years. A well-deserved retirement.

  5. Bill & Mary Briggs says:


    Congratulations on your great career and well-earned retirement. You’re truly a fine journalist — an example of what journalism should be and we’re greatly proud of you. Best wishes to you!

    Bill & Mary Briggs

  6. barrister says:

    Too bad Lee and Lynch dont retire!

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