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Severe Weather Overview
Summer weather brings with it the risk for high winds, excessive heat, flooding and powerful thunderstorms. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a basic rundown of the potential weather dangers of summer months.
NOAA Severe Weather Overview

Tornado/Windstorm Tips
NOAA Tornado FAQs
How To Spot A Tornado (.PDF)
Tornado Preparedness Guide
Busting Tornado Myths
Dangers Of Non-Tornadic Winds
Get Prepared For A Thunderstorm

Flooding Tips
Fact Sheet: Floods And Flash Floods (.PDF)
FEMA: Flood Preparedness Guide
A Flood Has Hit; Now What?

Hail Tips
Tips For Driving When Hail Strikes
What To Do About Your Roof After Hail

Lightning Tips
NOAA: What Is Lightning?
NWS: Lightning Safety
Tips For Driving During Severe Thunderstorms

Heat Tips
Excessive heat brings with it a whole new collection of things to watch out for. WCCO.COM has collected a number of resources to keep safe when the mercury rises.
Know More: Summer Heat

Chris Shaffer‘s Top 5 Summer Weather Tips
• Do not skimp on the sunblock. You can be at risk for sunburn well outside the peak sun months of June and July.
• Keep your pets hydrated and don’t leave them inside cars when the sun is out. And, nope, cracking the windows is not an acceptable concession.
• Being inside your car during a tornado is a bad idea. When there’s one nearby, your best bet is to ditch the car and head for a ditch or other form of shelter.
• Another time when it doesn’t pay to put too much trust in your car is during floods. Driving through standing water is a big no-no. You can never tell just how deep the road is below the surface of those puddles, and a couple feet of water will float even SUVs.
• Most people know to take cover in the basement during tornado warnings. One important piece of equipment when taking shelter: a heavy blanket. Covering up with a blanket can give you extra protection from flying debris such as glass and nails.

What Happens Now: Preparing For The Worst
Your Home’s Grab And Go Kit
Seven Tips: Make A Home Disaster Preparedness Kit
Natural Disaster: Prep Your Home Indoors And Out
Work Evacuation Kit

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