2012 Presidential Campaign

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Fortunes Down, Bachmann Looks To Evangelical Vote

Michele Bachmann surged into the Republican presidential race by preaching tea party fiscal conservatism. Now, as she struggles to remain relevant, the Minnesota congresswoman is trying to rally the evangelical voters who have powered most of her political career.


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Bachmann: Perry Used Jobs Fund To Reward Backers

Rick Perry brags that Texas has created more than 1 million jobs during his 10 years as governor, trumpeting the state’s hands-off regulatory climate and business-first policies. But another part of his jobs agenda, the part that promotes investing state money in private companies, is drawing new criticism as he runs for the Republican presidential nomination.


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In GOP Campaign, Foreign Policy Becomes Economic

From the rise of China to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the revolutions of the Arab Spring to foreign aid for Pakistan, the Republican Party’s presidential hopefuls are framing their foreign policy positions against the backdrop of America’s crippling debt and high unemployment.


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Bachmann Attends Church, Campaigns In Florida

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is attending church and then visiting with GOP activists as she wraps up a three-day campaign swing through Florida.


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Poll: GOP Voters Feel Better About Presidential Field

After grousing for months, Republicans are growing more satisfied with their choices for president and, so far, they like what they’re hearing from the newest candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry.


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Bachmann: Voters Worried About Jobs, Not Gaffes

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann is wrapping up her three-day bus tour through South Carolina.


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GOP Candidates Slam Obama On US Credit Downgrade

The 2012 Republican presidential contenders have roundly criticized President Barack Obama for economic policies they contend helped drive the downgrade of U.S. credit by a major ratings agency.


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Iowa Focal Point For Potential Shifts In GOP Race

Three important markers in the coming days could fundamentally alter the 2012 Republican presidential campaign, including whether Texas Gov. Rick Perry enters the race.


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Iowa GOP Straw Poll Means More To Some Than Others

The sprint is under way for Iowa’s Republican presidential straw poll, a defining moment for some 2012 GOP prospects that now is less than a month away.


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Fundraising A Sign Of 2012 Candidates’ Viability

The financial picture for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination race began coming into clearer focus with Friday’s deadline for candidates to report how much cash they have in the bank and how many bills they have to pay.


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Day 2 Of Bachmann’s 2012 Tour Goes To The Dogs

In her new White House bid, Republican Michele Bachmann has gone to the dogs. And cats. And birds.


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Pawlenty Raising Money Through Florida Mailer

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is targeting Florida Republicans with a mailer that says investing in his presidential campaign will pay off if it prevents President Barack Obama from leading the country into financial crisis.


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Pawlenty Names Ga. Leadership Team

Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty has nabbed a top backer of Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to run his fundraising in the state.


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GOP Presidential Candidate Pawlenty On Air In Iowa

Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty plans to run the first television advertisement of the 2012 campaign by a GOP candidate.




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