2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul Invests In Minn. In Search Of 1st GOP WinRon Paul has invested days of campaigning and money for television ads ahead of caucuses in Minnesota, where he's hoping he can eke out the first win of his Republican presidential campaign.
Looking To Reset Campaign, Santorum Hits 3 StatesRepublican Rick Santorum is planning some last-minute campaigning in each of the three states holding presidential contests Tuesday.
Messy Caucuses In Nevada, Iowa Raise QuestionsAfter back-to-back fiascos in Nevada and Iowa, the term "caucus" may be on its way to becoming a bad word in the GOP lexicon.
Bachmann Tells Supporters She's Staying In Race Hunting for support in a caucus campaign with high stakes for her lagging presidential bid, Michele Bachmann hoped a late-hour trip Tuesday to her Iowa birthplace would help her stave off the last-place finish forecast by recent polls.
Iowa Voters Hold Sway Over How President Is ChosenAll across Iowa next Tuesday, tens of thousands of Republican voters will travel through a chilly Midwestern night to the warmth of a local church or gymnasium for caucus meetings to select presidential candidates, the first voting in the 2012 election campaign.
Odd Notes, Mad-Dash Trips Mark Iowa Closing SprintIowa's GOP presidential contest remains deeply unsettled, if not downright strange, five days before the Jan. 3 caucus.
Gingrich Sharpens Attacks On Romney, PaulSo much for staying positive. In just the last 24 hours, Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has blasted rival Mitt Romney as a "Massachusetts moderate" who isn't "man enough" to take responsibility for the harsh attack ads being run on his behalf. And he lambasted Ron Paul's views as "totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American."
Alleged Mistress Latest Herman Cain Problem Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has a new dilemna
Poll: Public Unsettled On Obama ChallengerAmericans have yet to find a Republican they'd clearly prefer over President Barack Obama, although half say the president does not deserve re-election.
Presidential Hopefuls' Spouses Come Under ScrutinyAnn Romney is a smiling presence at her husband's side. Gloria Cain doesn't campaign at all. And Anita Perry raised eyebrows with her claim that her husband had been "brutalized" for his faith.
Campaign China-Bashing Obscures Real ProblemsIt's open season on China in the Republican race for the presidential nomination, and Mitt Romney is leading the charge. Newt Gingrich and some other candidates are on his heels, painting China as the bogeyman responsible for America's economic ills.
A Look At Key Moments In The GOP DebateTake a look at the key moments in Thursday night's GOP presidential debate.