Best Places For Acupuncture In MinnesotaTwin Cities metro has many certified acupuncturists — here are a few holistic treatment centers where licensed practitioners specialize in acupuncture and acupressure.
Minnesotan To Meet: Acupuncturist Senia Mae TuominenWhen you grow up good at math and science there are so many good jobs out there, like engineering. But what if you end up hating it?
Acupuncture That Won’t Gouge Your WalletAcupuncture can be a great stress and pain reliever. But there's a prickly side to it that you feel in your pocketbook. Acupuncturist Kerri Casey of Minnesota Community Acupuncture saw that as a problem. "If you have to come two or three times a week, who can afford $65 dollars three times a week? It's a very limited group of people and I knew I couldn't afford it,” Casey said. “And I said if I can't afford acupuncture, how are other people gonna afford that?"
More Patients Trying Out Alternative TherapiesWhen you're in the hospital, you don't expect to get the spa treatment. But that's exactly what patients are getting at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

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