Adam Estrem

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Curiocity: Big Flavors At Small Town Ole Store

Walking into the Ole Store instantly gave me a feeling of walking into someone’s home. Hardwood floors that creaked and screamed with every step, almost guided me along a tour of who has been here before me.


Sea Change

Curiocity: Welcomed Change At Sea Change

As the name suggests, Sea Change has changed. The décor is the same, almost an art deco representation of what it might feel like to be under the salty blue, green water of where the food you are about to eat came from. But, the service has dramatically improved, and the food? The food is excellent.


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Curiocity: North Coast Nosh III Welcomed With Open Arms

I think it says something when a local food event, featuring the best from local purveyors, sells out in just a few days.


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Curiocity: Inside Doug Flicker’s Kitchen At Piccolo

There is a small arrangement, almost a gentleman’s agreement between cook and food here. Doug Flicker promises to uphold creativity, practicing an alchemy of taste with utmost respect for the ingredients.


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Curiocity: Dunn Bros Releases Seasonal Kona Coffee

It’s not Folgers in your cup, but it may be the best part of waking up, or even the best coffee you ever tasted.


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Curiocity: Foodie Gifts From France 44th, Cheese Shops

With the holidays approaching, parties will be thrown, bad sweaters will be worn and those little cocktail wieners will be served.


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Curiocity: Great Gift Ideas For The ‘Foodie’

It’s the time of year when we’re all scrambling to find gifts for the ones we love. If someone in your life is a foodie, we got some advice from food blogger, Adam Estrem.


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Holiday Recipes For Your Party

Adam Estrem joined Liz Collin Friday when she filled in for Chad. Here are those recipes Adam mentioned. Goat Cheese Crostini with Caramelized OnionsServes 12-14 1 loaf of French Bread – cut in 1/4inch slices […]


Executive Chef Jorge Guzman. (credit: Solera)

Curiocity: A Taste Of Spain At Solera

But how Spanish can a Spanish restaurant, like Solera, be in the United States, let alone in Minnesota? I was curious to say the least.


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Curiocity: Inside The Fall Menu At ‘In Season’

Inside Don Saunders’ kitchen at his Minneapolis restaurant, In Season, for a sampling of the new fall menu.


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Curiocity: A Final Taste Of Food Trucks

It truly has been the summer of food trucks. And while it’s not a new concept by any means, 2011 certainly marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Twin Cities’ ordinances and new, up-and-coming food trucks.


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Curiocity: Eating A Local Snack At North Coast Nosh

Food and poetry go hand in hand. I couldn’t help but think of the poetic writings of M.F.K. Fisher as I walked around the North Coast Nosh, put on by and the Peace Coffee Shop in the Longfellow neighborhood in Minneapolis.


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Curiocity: A Review Of Autumn Brew Review

I found myself surrounded by 3,000 craft-beer-crazed fans Saturday morning, all of them drinking like New Years Eve at 10 a.m.


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Curiocity: Kramarczuk’s 2nd Annual Kielbasa Festival

Luckily for us here in the Twin Cities, there is but one festival that celebrates and revels in all things eastern European. They serve potato and cheese pierogis, stuffed cabbage rolls with a tomato cream sauce, deserts and oh yes, sausages.


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Curiocity: Surly Explosion Hits With Brooklyn Center Festival

More and more people are getting into beer. Never before has the quality of beer been this high in our country, and it showed Saturday at the Surly Brewery in Brooklyn Center.


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Curiocity: Minnesota Cooks Day At The State Fair

It was a rock-star feeling Sunday at the Minnesota State Fair, but not the usual musical rock stars that are becoming so synonymous with the Grandstand lineup. No, I’m talking about food rock stars.