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Voters To Decide Whether To Require IDs At Polls

The Minnesota Senate is set to give the voter ID constitutional amendment its final push to November’s statewide ballot.


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Talking Points: Voter ID, Marriage Amendment On Ballot

While the Minnesota House and Senate have to iron out differences in their voter ID bills, it does appear that a constitutional amendment requiring voters to present a photo ID will be on the November ballot.


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Both Sides: The Vote On Gay Marriage Amendment

A recent poll shows more people are favoring same sex marriage.


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Full House Debate Begins On Voter ID Amendment

After seeing their bill vetoed last year, Republicans in the Minnesota House were poised Tuesday night to pass a voter ID constitutional amendment that would do an end-run around Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and go straight to voters.


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State Voter ID Amendment Discussed In House Session Today

The State House of Representatives will discuss the Voter ID amendment today at the Capitol.



Groups Claim Voter ID Includes Racial Profiling

Some people say the push to get a Voter ID amendment on the ballot in November includes racial profiling.


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Minn. Senate Committee Passes Voter ID Amendment

A state Senate committee has passed a constitutional amendment that would ask Minnesotans to decide in November if voting in the state should require a valid photo ID.


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Weighing In On Proposed ‘Right To Work’ Amendment

Minnesota Republicans have proposed a “right to work” amendment to the state constitution.


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Voter ID Controversy Brewing At The Capitol

It’s supposed to be an effort to make sure voters really are who they say they are, on election day. But now, an amendment to require ID at the polls is drawing more opposition.


Protesters rally at the Minnesota State Capitol over a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. (credit: CBS)

Minn. Voters Will Decide On Gay Marriage Ban

The Minnesota House has signed off on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, meaning voters will decide the issue in 2012.


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Minn. House Set To Vote On Gay Marriage Amendment

The Minnesota House is expected to vote Saturday on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.



Poll: Majority In MN Oppose Ban On Gay Marriage

A new poll shows the majority of Minnesotans surveyed oppose amending the state Constitution to ban gay marriage.



Gay Marriage Ban Set For Minn. Senate Vote

Minnesota senators are primed for a final vote on a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage in the state constitution.




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