Animal Cruelty

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Winona Man Cited For Kicking, Killing A Cat

A Winona man accused of kicking and killing a cat has been cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty.


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Rochester Man Accused Of Horse’s Mistreatment

Thirty-nine-year-old Gregory Mark Soukup was charged Thursday with animal cruelty and damage to property.


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Woman Charged With Killing Chihuahua

Prosecutors in eastern Minnesota have charged a woman with animal cruelty for throwing her Chihuahua puppy against a dresser, killing the dog.


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Lawmaker: Puppy Mill Bill Long Overdue For Minn.

A new bill just introduced in the Minnesota House will once again attempt to regulate Minnesota puppy mills, after several failed efforts in past years.


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Dog Frozen In Block Of Ice

British Columbia authorities are trying to figure out who froze a dog in a block of ice. We’ve got a link to the story & photo.


Reece Donahue. (credit: Ramsey County)

Man Arrested For Throwing Foster Cat At Ceiling

A 23-year-old man was arrested over the weekend after police say he threw his cat against the ceiling of his apartment.


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Minn. Judge Won’t Dismiss Animal Cruelty Charge

A judge has denied a motion to dismiss a felony animal cruelty charge against a Rochester man in his dog’s death last spring.