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Animal Agriculture Worth $8 Billion To Minnesota

As farmers across the county mark National Agriculture Day on Thursday, the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council is sharing new data on the importance of agriculture to Minnesota.



Fargo Nonprofit Helps Animals Around The Globe

When disasters hit, like the earthquake in Japan or flooding in Thailand, relief organizations always spring into action to help the victims. That includes the Fargo-based nonprofit World Vets, which is focused not on helping people, but our four legged friends.


A Pacific white-sided dolphin plays with her mother in the aquarium at Kamogawa Sea World in Kamogawa, Japan. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

Good Question: Do Animals Live Longer In Zoos?

When an 18-month-old dolphin named Taijah died at the Minnesota Zoo Monday night, it was a rough moment for the staff that was there from the time she was born.


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Good Question: Can Animals Predict The Weather?

On Groundhog’s Day, a day where the nation pays attention to the weather prognostication of an oversized Pennsylvania rodent, we wondered, do animals have any skills when it comes to predicting the weather?


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Case Asks: What’s A Fair Price For Llamas?

Federal bankruptcy officials in Iowa want to get out of the llama business as soon as possible, even if that means selling a herd of the rare pack animals on the cheap.


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More Than 50 Dogs Found In 2 Trailers

More than 50 dogs, three cats and two women were found living in two trailers on a property west of Bemidji, according to police.


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Humane Society Targeted By Pro-Shelter Campaign

The Humane Society of the United States says it’s under attack by a new group that’s trying to starve it of funding by urging donors to send money to local animal shelters instead.


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Police Kill Deer Inside Campus Building

People crash college parties all the time, but one recent college “crasher” surprised some students at St. Catherine University.


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Wander Minnesota: A Quick Trip

You know what I like? I like penguins. I’ve seen the flurry of advertising the Minnesota Zoo has done about the new 3M Penguins of the African Coast exhibit and kept thinking, ‘Oh, I need […]


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Cottage Grove Residents Warned About Sick Raccoons

After police received numerous complaints of sick raccoons, Cottage Grove residents are being warned to take precautions with their children and pets.


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The Baby Animals Draw The Biggest Crowds

No other display draws a bigger crowd at the Minnesota State Fair than the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.


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Guide To The Minnesota Zoo

We’re the kind of family that makes at least one trek to each of the zoos in the Twin Cities every year. We love both the Minnesota Zoo and Como Zoo, each for different reasons. When we’re in the mood for a more intimate day that involves less time and considerably less walking, we head to Como. And when we’re craving the full-blown, walk until you drop, all day experience, we head to the Minnesota Zoo!


Four-legged friends want to party too! To be safe, don’t put your pooch in anything uncomfortable or too tight. (Photo Credit: Seriously Photographic (Jim))

Keep Your Pet Safe In Hot Weather

Dogs may look happy with their tongues hanging out of their mouths, but don’t let the grin fool you- excessive panting or drooling is actually a sign of heat stroke. Our four-legged friends are as susceptible to heat stroke, dehydration and even sunburn as we are, and proper precautions should be followed to keep Fido safe.


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Animals Starved To Death At Dilapidated Farm

The owner of a dilapidated farm in northeastern Minnesota has been cited for animal neglect after investigators said they found half a dozen animals starved to death.



Happy Birthday To Einstein! The Worlds Smallest Horse

The Little Fella looks like the tiny giraffe on the DirecTV ad!


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Cockroaches, Dragons For Zoo Day At State Capitol

There will be more than just political animals at the Minnesota Capitol on Thursday. There will be some real animals, too.


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Lawmaker: Puppy Mill Bill Long Overdue For Minn.

A new bill just introduced in the Minnesota House will once again attempt to regulate Minnesota puppy mills, after several failed efforts in past years.


Good Question: Is All This Snow Bad For Animals?

With up to 30 inches of snow on the ground in parts of Minnesota, we know this snow is a pain for humans. But we don’t need to find food in all of that stuff. So, what does our December snow do to the animals?


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Big Changes Coming For Animal Humane Society In 2011

The Animal Humane Society announced changes for 2011 at all five of its locations in the Twin Cities, including Golden Valley, Coon Rapids, St Paul, Woodbury and Buffalo.


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Biggest Dog Breeds

The biggest dog breeds are a group of animals that look more imposing than they really are. While a Great Dane may look like trouble, it’s one of the most gentle and loving dogs you’ll find. Here are some large dogs, pups, and dog breeds and what you can expect from each.

CBS Minnesota–11/06/2010

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Good Question: Where Do Zoo Animals Sleep?

At night, you put on your pajamas, head to bed and get ready for a good night’s sleep. But what happens to zoo animals when they’ve got to sleep? Where do they go?


HINESight with John Hines – 9/29/10

John feels the Dr. Doolittle spirit when he talks about his favorite movies revolving around animals.  In lieu of the new movie Secretariat, he talks with Ron Turcotte, the real-life jockey that rode the legendary […]


What’s New in 2010 at the Zoo? – 5/29/10

Exhibits at the Minnesota (African Rain Forest) and Como Park (Polar Bear) Zoos are opening up for the Summer season.  Allen Nyhuis, co-author of America’s Best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans and Families, talks […]