Some Twin Cities Residents Embracing April SnowMany of us are sick of this weather, but we forget that a lot of people love Minnesota winter.
Doctor On Coping With April Snow: 'It's OK To Gripe'Yup, it's the kind of weather that's easy to complain about.
‘There’s No Point’: Minnesotans On Shoveling In AprilWhen Suzanne Born looked outside to see snow on her driveway Friday morning, she skipped the shoveling and went back to bed. "I was born and raised in this state. I've lived here all my life, and I know mother nature will take care of this," said Born, of Golden Valley. "By the time it gets to April, there’s no point in shoveling."
Farmers Worried April Snow Signals Repeat Of Last Spring A year ago, the spring snow went into May, and it prevented some farmers from getting their crops in.
Students On Spring Break Make The Most Of April SnowSpring Break is wrapping up in some districts, and after Thursday’s snowstorm it looks like anything but spring in Minnesota.

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