Asian Carp

Asian Carp, generic

Illinois Launches Asian Carp Anti-Hunger Program

Asian carp may be a plankton-gobbling nuisance threatening the Great Lakes, but Illinois officials on Thursday expressed hope in changing that perception one bite at a time.


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Crews Test For Asian Carp In 3 Minnesota Rivers

Tests are underway in three Minnesota rivers to check for the invasion of Asian carp.


Asian Carp

Asian Carp

Watch this video and see for yourself how strong and fearless these Asian Carp are.


Asian Carp

Dayton Asks Congress For Help With Invasive Carp

Gov. Mark Dayton says it’s urgent for Minnesota to stop invasive Asian carp from spreading widely into its waters.


Asian Carp, generic

More DNA Testing Planned For Invasive Carp

The search for invasive Asian carp in the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers enters a new phase in the coming week.


Asian Carp, generic

Report: DNA Method Helpful In Seeking Asian Carp

Federal officials promised Friday to improve two crucial weapons in the fight to prevent Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes: an electric fish barrier near Chicago and an early-warning system that detects carp DNA in waterways.


Asian Carp

Army Corps Strengthens Fish Barrier To Block Carp

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it’s turning up the juice in an electrical barrier network to better prevent migration of Asian carp and other species between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds.


Asian Carp, generic

Great Lakes, Mississippi Split Sought

Six attorneys general in the Great Lakes region called for a multi-state coalition Wednesday that would push the federal government to protect the lakes from invasive species such as Asian carp by cutting off their artificial link to the Mississippi River basin.


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2-Mile Net Used To Search For Asian Carp In St. Croix River

Commercial fishermen along the St. Croix River are having the same luck as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in finding an Asian Carp. After a five-day search, the DNR came up empty-handed.


Asian Carp

Study Probes Climate Change In Great Lakes Cities

A new University of Michigan project will help city leaders in the Great Lakes region plan for dealing with climate change.


Great Lakes

Researchers Test System To Kill Invasive Species

Researchers have conducted a large-scale test of a new system to kill invasive species hiding in the ballast water of Great Lakes freighters and expect to get test results back next month.


Asian Carp, generic

DNR: No Asian Carp Found In St. Croix River

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says no Asian carp were captured during a five-day search of the St. Croix River. But efforts to find the invasive fish will continue this week.


Asian Carp, generic

Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

From Asian carp to Powerball tax windfalls, we’re hitting “Reply All” to some of WCCO-TV viewers’ Good Questions.



DNR Crews Search For Threat Of Asian Carp

On a beautiful sun-splashed stretch of the St. Croix River, the search is on for an ugly and dangerous invader. Somewhat like looking for a needle in a haystack, finding evidence of Asian carp isn’t easy.


Asian Carp

DNR Finds Evidence Of Asian Carp In St. Croix River

Authorities have found evidence that invasive Asian carp are in the St. Croix River as far upstream as the dam at St. Croix Falls, Wis.





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