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4 Things To Know: Shots In Ferguson, More Accusations Against Norwood Teague & More

om shots at a protest for the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo. to more accusations against former University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague, here’s a look at four popular stories in headlines Monday.


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‘That Sugar Film’ Creator Wants You To Know Where Sugar Is Hiding

hat Sugar Film, a Supersize Me-style documentary out of Australia, uses a sort of cinematic super-sweetness to combat the pervasiveness of sugar in our modern food supply. Filmmaker Damon Gameau’s film is visually over-the-top, with talking head experts appearing on cereal boxes and all sorts of different food labels.


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Best Backpacking Trips To Take Through Australia

A guide to five of the best backpacking trips in Australia


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Twin Cities Native & Fmr. World Cup Star Is Optimistic About US Team

The U.S Women’s Soccer team beat Australia 3-1 Monday night in the opener at the Women’s World Cup. A former Twin Cities soccer star says it wasn’t the best performance, but a win is a win.


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Study: Long Commutes Make People Happier

Could a long commute actually make you happier? A study out of Australia said some people look forward to their long commute. It gives them some much-longed for “me” time


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Good Question: Where Do Our Immigrants Come From?

Some Republicans don’t want the President, among other things, to grant legal status to undocumented parents who have children born in the U.S. Where do our immigrants come from? And, how have those groups changed over time? Good Questions.


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Accomplish MN: Make-A-Wish Recipient, Noah, Documents Trip To Australia

WCCO teamed up with Make-A-Wish Minnesota last March to accomplish something big. Through your generosity, over 18 million airline miles were raised to grant the wishes of local kids. One of those kids was Noah, a teenager from Rochester.



The 25 Best Beaches In The World

After months of polar vortexes it’s finally almost time to lay out in the sun and sand. To help get the ball rolling, we rounded up the 25 best beaches in the world.


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Tommies Blog: Hannon Takes Call To Play In Australia

He’s less than a full year removed from college, in the real world and now has the chance to do something few small-college athletes get. So when St. Thomas graduate and NCAA champion Tommy Hannon got an offer to pursue a professional career overseas, it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.


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U Of M Unveils Solar Car Built To Compete Down Under

The University of Minnesota unveiled its entry Thursday for the World Solar Challenge.


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Movie Blog: ‘Wish You Were Here’ Review

Uncertainty, or the feeling of it, is the central force in “Wish You Were Here.” The movie wants you to constantly question whether or not its main man (Joel Edgerton) is a villain…or just a guy who makes exceptionally dumb decisions. And as long as you give a damn about Edgerton’s welfare, the movie works pretty well.


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Best Travel Agencies In Minnesota

Let these Minnesota-based travel agents help you plan your summer vacation this year.


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Storm in Australia off Bateman’s Bay

Check out this vortex water tower.


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Behind This Man’s Mustache Is A Victory Over Cancer

Steve Walsh wears his mustache well, and he should. He’s had a November mo for a few years now. “My dad had prostate cancer, and he was diagnosed with that in 2005,” Walsh said.


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Eagan School Puts Hockey As The Priority

Parents will do a lot to give their children an edge in youth sports. But what about sending them to a sports school?


Chiro Baby

A Dingo Really Did Eat My Baby!

Australian coroners agree that is was dingo that took the baby of Lindy Chamberlain.


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Crocodile Follow Up

We have more on the story of the giant crocodile in Australia. The Today Show sent a crew out to find the croc. They got more than they bargained for. Watch the video.


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Today Show Aussie Style

They first brought you the Rewards program for husbands. Now they just bring us some funny live TV. It’s our favorite program from Australia.


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Husband Rewards Program

Leave it to the Aussie’s to figure out the next great way to get things done around the house. Men, take notes!


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It’s Lake Placid All Over Again

Check out these photos of a giant crocodile. More proof that you need to keep your eye on Australia. Wow! See the photos.


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Viral Video For Wed June 29

The Facebook song from Australia. Hard to argue with how she feels about Facebook. Caution, one line has some strong language. Still, worth it.


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After 62 Years, Pen Pals Meet In Minn.

Although it seems that the art of letter writing is lost, the written word has bound and brought together two lives that are oceans and continents apart.


Kristin Bujida won tickets after telling an Oprah producer her biggest fight with Leo was over having no room on their DVR because it is full of Oprah episodes. (credit: CBS)

Minn. Oprah Fan Will Be On Trip To Australia

Have you ever seen those Oprah shows where the audience ends up getting some amazing gift? Odds are it left you wondering how did those folks get so lucky?


John Williams 9-16-10

Are there UFOs in St. Paul? A girl was expelled from school for a nose piercing Did Oprah’s last giveaway turn out to be a stinker? John spoke with the woman who glued the WI […]