'U' Scientists, Students Create 'Bat Houses' To Help The Embattled AnimalsUniversity of Minnesota scientists and design students are teaming up to make bat houses they hope can help raise awareness about the deadly disease that is wiping them out.
February's Warmth Poses Threat To BatsThe above-average temperatures are set to return, and it's confusing some of our local wildlife.
Wildlife Rehab Center: Bats Waking Up Early Due To Warm WeatherJust about everyone is loving our unusually-warm February. But the mild temperatures are posing a serious risk to some Minnesota residents.
White-Nose Syndrome Continues To Spread In WisconsinThe state Department of Natural Resources says over-winter surveillance shows white-nose syndrome or the fungus that causes it is now present in 14 counties, up from eight after over-winter surveillance that ended in 2015.
Deadly White-Nose Syndrome Confirmed In MinnesotaOfficials have confirmed the presence of a disease that kills hibernating bats at a state park in northern Minnesota.
Researchers Trying To Track Bats Hibernating In The DakotasAs a fungal disease that has wiped out millions of bats in the United States moves closer to North Dakota and South Dakota, a college researcher from Fargo is asking residents and business owners if they have any uninvited guests.
Long-Eared Bat Could Be EndangeredA disease infecting the northern long-eared bat could place it on the endangered species list. The disease, called white-nose syndrome, has impacted bats in a number of states. Rich Baker, endangered species coordinator with the Department of Natural Resources, says a large number have died off.
States Seek Delay In Protecting Long-Eared BatFour states in the Upper Midwest want federal officials to delay listing the northern long-eared bat as an endangered species. Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin made the request this month to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Minn. Bats Are Facing A Deadly Disease, And Here’s Why You Should CareA small-winged mammal not highly thought of by most people is under attack, as a deadly disease has already killed millions of them across the country.
DNR: Fungus Dangerous To Bats Confirmed At 2 MN State ParksA fungus that has been linked to bat colony decimation has been confirmed in two Minnesota State Parks, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The fungus is known to cause white-nose syndrome (WNS), which is a disease that is harmful and mostly fatal to hibernating bats, the DNR said. The fungus has reportedly decimated bat populations in eastern portions of the United States and Canada.
Endangered Bat Could Delay Iowa Interstate ProjectAn endangered bat could delay work on an Interstate 80 interchange that business and civic leaders hope will bring more businesses and jobs to Waukee and West Des Moines.
Police: Woman Smoking Cigarette Beaten By 4 Men With BatsSt. Cloud Police are investigating after four men – one of which was wearing a Confederate flag bandana – beat a woman early Thursday morning with aluminum baseball bats.

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