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Retired NFL Players Still Seeking Better Benefits

The group of retired NFL players that was part of the labor talks during the lockout last year has not given up a push for better post-career care.


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New Social Security Scam Hits Midwest

There’s a new scam in town and the crooks aren’t using the Internet to get to their victims.


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Wis. Senate OKs Unemployment Extension — Again

Thousands of out-of-work Wisconsin residents could collect another three months of federal unemployment benefits under a bill the state Senate approved Monday.


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Wis. Senate Approves Extending Unemployment Benefits

The Wisconsin state Senate has approved extending federal unemployment benefits for an additional 13 weeks.


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Duluth City Retirees Take Insurance Case To Court

The Minnesota Supreme Court is considering whether the City of Duluth can change health insurance benefits for its retirees to match those of its current employees.


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GOP Spending Cuts Would Affect Millions Of People

Low-income students may get smaller grants and the newly disabled might have to wait longer for their benefits. And just about every politician is going to get an earful from the local PTA if school aid gets whacked.




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