DNR: 1st Bighead Carp Captured In Minnesota RiverMinnesota's battle to stop the spread of invasive carp hit a new snag. After making their way to the Twin Cities, the disruptive fish are now swimming westward through the Minnesota River.
Minnesota DNR: 5 Invasive Carp Caught In St. Croix RiverOfficials say five invasive bighead carp have been caught in the St. Croix River in the past week, just south of Stillwater. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says it's the farthest upstream that bighead carp have been found in the St. Croix, and it's about 7 miles north of the previous point.
47-Pound Bighead Carp Caught In Lake PepinA 47-pound bighead carp, a member of the invasive Asian carp family, has been caught in Lake Pepin near Frontenac, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
27-Pound Bighead Carp Caught In St. Croix RiverA commercial fisherman caught a 27-pound bighead carp in the St. Croix River, prompting the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to get an action plan together to stop the spread.
US Adds Bighead Carp To List Banning Live TransferThe federal government is making it illegal to bring live bighead carp into the U.S. or transport them across state lines.

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