Senate Republicans Propose $825M For Public ConstructionThe broad details of the bill released Wednesday fall largely in line with the House Republicans' own $825 million bonding bill.
Dayton: $1.4B Bonding Bill Would Add Nearly 40K JobsGov. Mark Dayton is asking lawmakers to borrow $1.4 billion to tackle a massive to-do list of public construction projects. The Democratic governor released his proposed bonding bill on Friday.
Bill With $320M In Construction Projects Primed For VotesA public-works borrowing plan contains at least $320 million worth of construction projects. Top Minnesota lawmakers agreed to the package early Thursday and it is being prepared for a vote in the upcoming special session.
With Time To Spare, Lawmakers End 2014 Session Sensing an imminent finish to their legislative session, Minnesota lawmakers took stock Friday of accomplishments and potential campaign liabilities in a year marked by Democratic drives to boost the minimum wage and target school bullying as well as bipartisan efforts to legalize medical marijuana, fix public infrastructure and deliver tax cuts using surplus money.
Sprinkler Clause Adds Wrinkle To Bonding Debate When it comes to the $846 million construction borrowing package being debated at the Capitol, many wonder if it's too big to fail. Or in the case of Gov. Mark Dayton, is it too big to veto?
Dayton: Home-Sprinkler Clause Would Doom BillA clause in a construction borrowing package related to home sprinklers could doom the full package. Gov. Mark Dayton warned Monday that he would veto the full bonding bill over attempts to dump a building code requirement.
Priorities Planned As House Bonding Bill AdvancesIn a preview of the floor debate ahead, a Minnesota House committee has advanced a plan to have the state finance $1.1 billion in construction projects amid misgivings over priorities. The plan combines cash financing and borrowing.
Senate Pulls Wraps Off $1.1B Construction PlanThe Minnesota Senate's proposal for publicly backed construction projects totals more than $1.1 billion in combined borrowing and cash-financed projects. The proposal released Monday calls for borrowing of $846 million and about $200 million in cash from the state's surplus.
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Gov. Dayton Pitches $1 Billion Bonding BillGov. Mark Dayton is pitching almost $1 billion in bonds for the state to take on to fund improvements in areas like higher education and infrastructure in Minnesota. Dayton introduced his proposal for a $986 million bonding bill for the state in the 2014 budget Wednesday.

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